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Season 4: Episode 423

Undigable Hosts

Season 4: Episode 422

Stacy Koon’s Police Acadamy

Sketches include: “P.S.A.: You Can’t Dance,” “Lonny Anderson,” “Stacy Koon’s Police Academy,” “Proud Gay Guy,” and “Snucky.”

Season 4: Episode 421

Black People Show

Sketches include “Black Barbara Striesand,” “Al Macafee,” “Lashawn,” “Black People Show,” and “Stereotype Lady.”

Season 4: Episode 420

Rodney King

Season 4: Episode 419

Mr. Rogers

Sketches include: Reginald Denny,” “Another Moment In Black History” “Al Sharpton,” “P.S.A.,” “Mr. Rogers,” and “Black Bunkers.”

Season 4: Episode 418

Duke and Cornbread Turner

Sketches include: “Weezies,” “A Different Message,” “Why?,” “Super Dave,” “Charles Bronson,” and “Duke And Cornbread Turner.”

Season 4: Episode 417

Passenger 227

Sketches include: “Boyz 2 Wimps,” “Wanda With En Vouge,” “Passenger 227,” “Background Guy,” and “Dysfunctional Homeshow.”

Season 4: Episode 416

Dirty Little Dick

Sketches include: “Joe Jackson,” “Thigh Master,” “Geraldo,” “Rodney Dangerfield,” Mr. And Mrs. Brooks,” “Calhoun Tubbs,” and “Dirty Little Dick.”

Season 4: Episode 415

Forever Silky

ketches include: “Oswald Bates,” “Fire Marshall Bill,” “Forever Silky,” “Lashawn,” and “P.S.A.”

Season 4: Episode 414

The Info Group

Sketches include “Alive II,” “Loomis Simmons,” “The Info Group,” “Cops – Stacy Koon,” “Men on Fitness.”

Season 4: Episode 413

Capital Hillbillies

Sketches include: “Capital Hillbilies,” “Ross Perot,” “Tales From The Crib,” “Amy Fisher,” “Benita Butrell,” and “You Bet You Life.”

Season 4: Episode 412

Dysfunctional Home Christmas Show

Sketches include: “Vera Demilo,” “Why?,” “Mr. and Mrs. Brooks,” “Cousin Elsee,” “The Dysfunctional Home Christmas Show,” “The Bodyguard.”

Season 4: Episode 411

Driving Miss Shott

Sketches include: “Driving Miss Shott,” “Why?,” “Benita Butrell,” “Ice Poe,” “Al Macafee,” and “Cephus And Reese.”

Season 4: Episode 410

Gays In The Military

Sketches include: “Deon Warwick,” “Madonna,” “Wanda,” “Gays In The Military,” and “Lil’ Magic.”

Season 4: Episode 409

Men on Cooking

Prince Of Munchkin Land Mr & Mrs Brooks’ Thanksgiving Candy Cane’s Puppet-Time Theater Men On Cooking Mary J Blige

Season 4: Episode 408

Handi-Man Returns

Sketches include “Anonymous Express,” “Handi Man,” “Wanda,” and “Loomis Simmons.”

Season 4: Episode 407

Homey and Son

Season 4: Episode 406

Anton Returns

Season 4: Episode 405

Trail Mix A Lot

Season 4: Episode 404

Black People Awards

Sketches include: “Vanessa Williams,” “Jay Leno,” “Lori Davis Beauty System,” “Black People’s Awards,” and “George Hamilton Luggage.”

Season 4: Episode 403

Mr. & Mrs. Brooks

Sketches include: “MTV Political Coverage Cousin Elsee,” “Woody Allen: Date the Children,” and “Mr. & Mrs. Brooks.” Close featuring Gang …

Season 4: Episode 402

Basic Instank/Instinct

Kelly and Alexandra portray first ladies Hillary and Barbara taking on each other in bikinis. Jim is the psychic Kreskin …

Season 4: Episode 401

Rodney King/Reginald Denny

Fireman Bob shows up at a grocery store and things take a bad turn. Miss Lattrell takes front seat at …

Season 3: Episode 330

Homeboy Shopping Network

Season 3: Episode 329

Men on Football

Damon and Keenan become the Al Sharpton/Louis Farrakhan Comedy Hour. Jamie is a burglar who robs a film noir Kelly. …

Season 3: Episode 328


Bloopers from episodes from the last three seasons.

Season 3: Episode 327

Michael Bolton

Entire show devoted to music video parodies from Vanilla Ice to Paula Abdul to Rick James. Highlights include “Michael Jackson” …

Season 3: Episode 326

Anton Gets Rich

ketches include: “Hammer,” “Sharpton and Farrakhan,” “One Night Stand,” “”Rescue Whenever” and “Anton Gets Rich.”

Season 3: Episode 325

Wanda On The Dating Game

Sketches include: “Oswald Bates,” “Super Clyde: The World’s first African American Daredevil,” “The Head Detective,” and “The Dating Game.”

Season 3: Episode 324

Silly Cone

Sketches include: “Crazy Tom’s,” “Benita Butrell,” “Lashawn,” “Fire Marshall Bill,” and “Silly Cone.”

Season 3: Episode 323

Cousin Elsee

Sketches include: “Crazy Polident,” “Les And Wes,” and “Cousin Elsee.”

Season 3: Episode 322

The Last Man on Earth

Jim Carrey borrows coffee from crazed Kelly Park. Keenan and Damon are unique brothers playing an odd game of 20,000 …

Season 3: Episode 321

Player’s Club

Sketches include: “Players Club,” “Homey D. Clown,” “Snack N Shack,” and “Environment Guy On Art.

Season 3: Episode 320

Rodney King

Sketches include: “Career Aid,” “Lashawn,” “Handi Man Part 2 of 2,” and “Anton And Rita Get A Green Card.”

Season 3: Episode 319

Club Ozone

Skethces include: “Richard Simmons,” “Al Macafee,” “Benita Butrell,” “Men On Vacation,” and “Club Ozone.”

Season 3: Episode 318

The Fist That Rocks The Cradle

Sketches include: “Elvis,” “The Fist That Rocks The Cradle,” “Men’s Wilderness group meeting,” “House Party 3 with Teddy Kennedy,” and …

Season 3: Episode 317

Hour of Power: Preachers on Trial

Sally Struthers makes an appeal to feed the hungry while eating fried chicken. The preachers have dubious expenses to explain …

Season 3: Episode 316

George Bush Meets Tommy Wu

Mr. Rear makes an appearance. Jim Carrey becomes Don Rickles insulting a variety of nations with stereotypes at the United …

Season 3: Episode 315

Grim Reaper

Connie Chung getting amorous in the bedroom is portrayed. Rick James attends a Lamaze class. Jim Carrey as The Grim …

Season 3: Episode 314

Michael Jackson: Am I Black or White?

Sketches include: “Michael Jackson,” “Handi Man Part 1 Of 2,” “Funky Finger Productions,” and “Darnel Bond.”

Season 3: Episode 313

Santa Fire Marshall Bill

Sketches include: “Equity Express Card,” “Great Moments In Black History,” “Fire Marshall Bill,” “Tommy Wu,” “Homey D Clown,” and “Ebony …

Season 3: Episode 312

Sidekick In Nam

Skethces include: “HBO’s Tired Comedy Night,” “The Cosby Condom,” “Lil Magic,” “Testy Shields,” “Wanda,” and “Side Kick In Nam.”

Season 3: Episode 311

Anton and The Reporter

Sketches include: “Jimmy Swaggart,” “Anton And The Reporter,” “Calhoun Tubbs,” and “Benita Butrell.”

Season 3: Episode 310

My Left Foot of Fury

Sketches include: “My Left Foot Of Fury,” “Wilt Chamberlain Wall,” “Frenchie,” “Skully,” and “Men On Film.”

Season 3: Episode 309

Krishnia Cop

Sketches include: “David Duke,” “Krishna Cop,” “Bill Benson,” “48 Hours, Again,” “Oswald Bates,” “Crystal Waters,” and “Head Detective.”

Season 3: Episode 308

Late Night with Mike Tyson

Sketches include: “Paula Abdul,” “Les & Wes,” “Mike Tyson Show,” “Stereotype Woman,” and “Timbuk.”

Season 3: Episode 307

The Jackson Bunch

Sketches include: “Environment Guy,” “Ice Poe” “The Jackson Bunch,” “D.A.R.E.,” and “Sam And Samantha Kinison.”

Season 3: Episode 306

Home Alone Again

Sketches include: “Minute Maiden,” “Vera Demilo,” “Coyote Ugly Escape Kit,” “The Brothers Brothers,” “Adopt A TV Child,” “Home Alone Again,” …

Season 3: Episode 305

The Adventures of Handi-Boy

Sketches include: “Clarence Thomas,” “Construction Guys,” “Snack N Shack,” “Cephus And Reese,” “Lizzy’s,” “Handi Boy,” and “Prison Cable Network.”

Season 3: Episode 304

Green Eggs and The Guvment Cheese

Sketches include: “Jesse Jackson Children’s Books,” “Hey Mon,” “Funky Finger Productions,” “Fire Marshall Bill,” and “LL Cool JJ.”

Season 3: Episode 303

Clarance Thomas’ First Day

Sketches include: “Clarence Thomas,” “Rocketeer,” “Al Macafee,” “Butt-Out Jeans,” “Benita Butrell,” and “Anton’s Play.”

Season 3: Episode 302

Men on Television Part 2: What Happened to Blaine?

Blaine remains a manly man after the blow to his head to Antoine’s distress. Jim Carrey does an older Kung-fu …

Season 3: Episode 301

Homey the Sellout: Part 2

Kim Wayans is a semi-talented child actress auditioning. A skit imagines what an Oprah owned restaurant would be like. Damon …

Season 2: Episode 226

Best of Compliation/Men on Vacation

Sketches include: “Amazing Grace – Rocky VI,” “Vera De Milo: Veracosa, Mistress of Destruction,” “Mudhead’s Funeral,” “Men On Vacation,” and …

Season 2: Episode 225

Best of/Anton At the Recruiter

Season 2: Episode 224

Homey The Sellout: Part 1

Sketches include: “Lil Magic: The Audition,” “Oprah’s Restaurant,” “Homey the Clown: Homey the Sellout,” and “Men on Television.”

Season 2: Episode 223

Arsenio Hall of Justice

Sketches include: “Detective Head Goes Bowling,” “Handi Man’s Evil Twin,” and “The Arsenio Hall of Justice.” Close: Ice Cube and …

Season 2: Episode 222


Best Of episode of “In Living Color.” Sketches include: “Three Champs and a Little Lady,” “Black Like You,” “New Ambassador,” …

Season 2: Episode 221

Dickie Peterson: Cherub of Justice

Sketches include: “Dickie Peterson: Secret Service,” “A New 911 Message Service,” “Frenchie at the Opera,” “Velma Sings,” and “Visiting Day …

Season 2: Episode 220

Super Fly

Kelly Park is Lil Miss Trouble encouraging Damon to run away from home. A feminine hygiene commercial is parodied. Kelly …

Season 2: Episode 219

Hour of Power: Tag Team Evangalists

Sketches include: “Velma II,” “Cephus & Reesie: Last Request,” “Do You Feel Lucky Promo,” “The 595 Club,” and “Vera DeMilo: …

Season 2: Episode 218

Lil Magic’s School Play

The Brothers brothers join country club, Oprah – Your brain on drugs, Football coach hires a choreographer to help with …

Season 2: Episode 217

PCN’s Win, Lose or Draw

Sketches include: “Win, Lose or Draw,” “Milk Commercial,” “Pentagon Briefing,” “Calhoun Tubbs on the Campaign Trail,” “The Great Sperm Bank …

Season 2: Episode 216

Anton in the Burbs

Sketches include: “Ejector Bed,” “Frenchie at a Bachelor Party,” “Lonny Parker, Attorney at Law,” “Les and Wes, Twin Stars,” and …

Season 2: Episode 215

My Dark Conscience

Kim is Benita Buttrell, block captain, who knows all the local gossip. Jim does an excellent Vanilla Ice parody. Damon …

Season 2: Episode 213

Johnny Abdul

Sketches include: “The Brothers Brothers: Tom and Tom for the Arizona Tourism Commission,” “Johnny Abdul – Saudi Rock Star,” “The …

Season 2: Episode 212


Sketches include: “Vera DeMilo: Veracosa, Mistress of Destruction,” “Cephus & Reesie: Christmas Album,” “Lil Miss Trouble at the Museum,” and …

Season 2: Episode 211

Justice Legions of America

Sketches include: “Three Champs and a Little Lady,” “The Newlywed Game,” “The Good Behavior Variety Hour Show,” and “Handi Man.”

Season 2: Episode 209

Men on Vacation

Kelly and Jim play an urban family being evicted when their dog saves them. Kim becomes Grace Jones boxing Jim’s …

Season 2: Episode 208

Laquita Meets Billy Dee

Sketches include: “Magenta’s Acting School,” “Foundation for Golf Heritage,” “Evelyn Smith,” and “Laquita Sings the Blues.”

Season 2: Episode 207

Funky Finger Productions

Keenen Ivory Wayans finds SW1 with an entourage, B. S. Brothers: Penitentiary IV, Iraqi Fashion Show, Lil Miss Trouble: The …

Season 2: Episode 206

The Black Man’s Guide to Understanding the Balck Woman

Keenen Ivory Wayans introduces musical guest Heavy D and the Boyz from his dressing room, Hey Mon / Hedley Court, …

Season 2: Episode 205

Miss Black Person USA

Keenen Ivory Wayans comes out and is quickly approached by the B.S. Brothers, The Brothers Brothers / Black Like You …

Season 2: Episode 203

Spike’s Joint

Sketches include: “Flatuscents,” “Good Morning/Good Night,” “Cephus & Reesie’s Broadway Tour,” “The Buttmans: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” and “Spike’s …

Season 2: Episode 202

Anton at the Recruiter

Keenen Ivory Wayans brings out a local radio contest winner before kicking off the show: Anton Volunteers, Training Men the …

Season 1: Episode 113

Homey D Clown Returns

Homey D. Clown at the carnival, Benita Butrell gossips with new neighbor, Michael Winslow – A One Man Show, Samantha …

Season 1: Episode 112


A hypnotized man can’t stop clucking like a chicken after the hypnotist drops dead; Ray Charles in Charge; Lil Richard’s …

Season 1: Episode 111

Anton In The People’s Court

The Brothers Brothers, M.C. Hammer Video, Cine-Globe, Calhoun Tubbs, Ted Turners’ Very Colorized Classics – The Kid, and Anton on …

Season 1: Episode 109

IntroducingÂ…Homey D. Clown

Home Boy Seminar, America’s Funniest Security Camera Videos, Andrea Dice Clay, Hey Mon – flight crew, and Homey D. Clown …

Season 1: Episode 108

Endangered Species

President Jesse Jackson press conference, The Mayweathers greatest hits, Joan Embery on the Tonight Show with a specimen of Home …

Season 1: Episode 107

Don King: The Early Years

Sketches include: “Don King: The Early Years,” “Cookin’ With Salt n’ Pepa,” “Hey Mon/West Indian Sitcom,” “Ted Turner’s Very Colorized …

Season 1: Episode 106

Jher’s Kids

Sketches include: “Bad Karate Class,” “Greshan Formula,” “Jheri’s Kids,” “The Making of a Tracy Chapman Song,” “Oppression,” and “Snackin’ Shack.”

Season 1: Episode 105

A Date With Grace Jones

Sketches include: “Three Champs and a Baby,” “New Ambassador,” “A Date With Grace,” “Hefty World Condominium Estates,” “Homeboy Shopping Network: …

Season 1: Episode 104


Sketches include: “Oprah,” “The Exxxon Family,” “Great Moments in Black History: Self-Service Gas Station,” “Jim Carrey Transition,” “Rhythmless Nation,” “Anton,” …

Season 1: Episode 102

The Wrath of Farrakhan

Sketches include: “Do-It-Yourself Milli Vanilli Kit,” “Arsenio and Marion Barry,” “Rap Choir,” “Sugar Ray Leonard Transition,” “The Wrath of Farrakhan,” …

Season 1: Episode 101


Sketches include: “Love Connection,” “Great Moments in Black History: First Black Man on the Moon,” “Homeboy Shopping Network,” “Redd Foxx …