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Season 3: Episode 301

Guess Who’s Coming Out For Dinner

Darryl’s prejudices are showing when he begins to suspect that Michael might be gay.

Season 2: Episode 222

Love The One You’re With

The Hughleys and friends go on a couples love retreat with Darryl’s parents.

Season 2: Episode 221

Body Double

Yvonne’s hated aunt dies in the Hughley living room.

Season 2: Episode 220

The Girl That I Married

Just before Yvonne’s college reunion, Darryl finds out that while in school Yvonne dated him and another man simultaneously.

Season 2: Episode 219

The Thin Black Line

A documentary filmmaker exposes the Hughleys as sell-outs to white suburban culture.

Season 2: Episode 218

The Music Man

Darryl butts heads with the school superintendent, causing the firing of his children’s favorite music teacher.

Season 2: Episode 217

Two Jacks and a Beanstalk

In a musical retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, the Hughleys go from rags to riches.

Season 2: Episode 216

Lies My Valentine Told Me

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the wives and husbands vow to discover each others’ secrets.

Season 2: Episode 215

She’s A Brickhouse

The arrival of a beautiful blond neighbor makes the local men behave foolishly, especially Dave.

Season 2: Episode 214

So What Do You Do, Mrs. Hughley?

Yvonne tries to prove she can do it all by starting a basket-making business.

Season 2: Episode 213

Death Takes A Three Day Holiday

Darryl, who believes he is dying, drives everyone crazy as he prepares to meet his maker.

Season 2: Episode 212

Seoul Brother Next Door

Blinded by prejudice, Darryl and his new Korean neighbor wage a war of nasty pranks against each other.

Season 2: Episode 211

Miracle On 135th and Avalon

When Sydney tells Michael there is no Santa Claus, Darryl tries to restore his family’s belief in the magic of …

Season 2: Episode 210

I Love You, You’re Fired

Darryl and Yvonne try to prove that business and pleasure can mix when Yvonne fills in as Darryl’s assistant.

Season 2: Episode 209

Roots – Part II

After learning that Henry is not his biological father, Darryl meets his real dad.

Season 2: Episode 208

Roots – Part I

A Hughley family Thanksgiving is marred by the revelation of a surprising family secret.

Season 2: Episode 207

Help A Brother Out

Darryl’s efforts to help his ne’er-do-well brother create only trouble for Darryl.

Season 2: Episode 206

The Curse of the Coyote Man

Darryl’s plan to scare his children at Halloween backfires when he, Dave and Milsap get lost in the woods and …

Season 2: Episode 205

Sap and the Star

When Milsap dates a movie star, Darryl gets wrapped up in the Hollywood scene and forgets Yvonne’s birthday.

Season 2: Episode 204

Daddy’s Going To Hell

Dave and Sally ask Darryl and Yvonne to be Gretchen’s godparents, despite Darryl’s hostility toward organized religion.

Season 2: Episode 203

Honey, I Beat the Kids

Darryl’s use of corporal punishment on Michael conflicts with the child-rearing views of his neighbors.

Season 2: Episode 202

Milsap Moves Up

Deciding that it is time for a more mature lifestyle, Milsap buys a home in the Hughleys’ neighborhood and proposes …

Season 2: Episode 201

Young Guns

Darryl questions the merits of gun ownership when Michael and Ronnie get a hold of his gun and it accidentally …

Season 1: Episode 122

Jungle Gym Fever

Darryl decides to expose Sydney to black culture when he discovers that she has a crush on a white classmate.

Season 1: Episode 121

Up On The Roof

Milsap accepts a job offer from Darryl’s competition; a wildfire threatens the Hughley home.

Season 1: Episode 120

Clan Of The Cave Bear

Darryl objects when Yvonne considers taking a full time job as a hospital fundraiser.

Season 1: Episode 119


When Darryl fears that Michael might follow in his footsteps and drop out of high school, he begins taking night …

Season 1: Episode 118

I Do, I Do, Again, Part 2

Yvonne calls off the wedding when Darryl and her father refuse to put aside their differences.

Season 1: Episode 117

I Do, I Do, Again

Old tensions between Darryl and his father-in-law resurface when Darryl and Yvonne decide to marry a second time.

Season 1: Episode 116

Dog Eat Dog

Darryl faces off against defense lawyer Johnny Cochran when a neighbor claims that the Hughley’s new dog attacked him.

Season 1: Episode 115

Storm ‘O The Century

The Hughleys and the Rogers spend a night in an isolated “horror hotel”—but Darryl’s skeptical attitude threatens to spoil the …

Season 1: Episode 114

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Darryl breaks off his friendship with Dave after he discovers that one of Dave’s acquaintances is a racist.

Season 1: Episode 113

I Ain’t Heavy, I’m Your Father

Darryl decides to take his children on a camping trip despite his lack of experience in the great outdoors.

Season 1: Episode 112

Reliving Single

When Yvonne and Sally fail miserably in their attempt to find Milsap a girlfriend, Darryl and Dave try their luck …

Season 1: Episode 111

A Multi-Culti Christmas

Darryl plans his own holiday pageant when political correctness—and lawsuits—prevent the elementary school from using any traditional holiday themes.

Season 1: Episode 110

I’m Shrinnnking

Darryl watches every penny when he loses an important client… causing Yvonne to wonder if he’s losing his mind.

Season 1: Episode 109


A battle erupts for control of the kitchen when Yvonne attempts to cook Thanksgiving dinner for Darryl’s relatives.

Season 1: Episode 108

Baby Fever

The Hughleys rush Sally to the hospital when she goes into labor; Darryl suspects that Yvonne is also pregnant.

Season 1: Episode 107


Darryl is crushed when Sydney chooses Milsap as her escort to a father-daughter school dance.

Season 1: Episode 106


Darryl is drafted to coach Michael’s soccer team despite his unfamiliarity with the sport.

Season 1: Episode 105

Class Clown

Darryl panics when he discovers Michael performing comedy in front of his classmates.

Season 1: Episode 104

Keeping Romance Alive

Darryl fears that moving to the suburbs may have irreparably damaged the romance in his marriage.

Season 1: Episode 103

Lost In The Suburbs

Milsap and Dave strike up a friendship… leaving Darryl feeling lost and alone.

Season 1: Episode 102


Darryl reluctantly substitutes as school carpool driver when Yvonne joins the neighborhood safety committee.

Season 1: Episode 101

Rich Kids Bad, Poor Kids Good

Darryl decides to make his children experience what it’s like to be poor by depriving them of the everyday luxuries …

Season 1: Episode 100


Successful African-American businessman Darryl Hughley suspects he may have “sold out” when he and his family relocate to a predominantly …