15 Years In Prison? 20-Year-Old Activist Tianna Arata Facing Jail Time After Peaceful Protest Gone Wrong

A 20-year-old activist faces years behind bars after San Luis Obispo Police Department (SLOPD) in California say a protest she organized turned violent.


Police arrested Tianna Arata on July 21st and the community has rallied and created a petition demanding her charges be dropped. It’s brought in close to 50,000 signatures.



SLOPD Chief Deanna Cantrell released a statement following Arata’s arrest that mentioned a conversation had with TBD prior to the rally. During that conversation, she confirmed the protest would be peaceful.


The protest turned demonstration involved nearly 300 people and it got out of hand after demonstrators marched onto a highway. From there, police report that demonstrators launched an assault on a passenger vehicle transporting a 4-year-old child.


According to the SLOPD, the “actions that put the safety of the public at risk cannot be tolerated and detract from the ability for voices to be heard at this important time.”


The protestors continue to question why she was held responsible for the behavior of all involved demonstrators.


After she organized what she had hoped to be a “peaceful protest,” Arata now faces up to 15 years in prison if charges are pursued. This includes four felony counts of false imprisonment and one count of felony conspiracy, plus three misdemeanors.


In a video shared of Arata’s arrest, several officers are seen forcing her into a police vehicle without her resisting arrest. You can also hear several other protestors demanding the officers to “get off of her” and one woman accused the police of kidnapping her off the street after failing to read her Miranda rights.


Should Arata be free? Let us know!


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