3 Easy to Make Holiday Cocktails

Tap into your inner mixologist this season and shake up a few holiday cocktails for yourself, friends or family. Holiday cocktails can be a hit or miss. There are some unique cocktail recipes floating around this season and some people are sticking to the traditional eggnog. If you want to do something different, try out these creamy holiday cocktails made by Black owned brands. 


Whiskey and Rosemary

This first recipe is far from traditional. Whiskey and Rosemary,  a Black owned craft lifestyle brand based in Atlanta, GA partnered with Hidden Valley for a Ranch Nog Holiday cocktail made with Hidden Valley Ranch, Maple, Ginger and Mezcal! Holidays are about creating memories with your loved ones, I guarantee, shaking up this cocktail will be a moment to remember. Check out the full ingredient list here


Du Nord

Du Nord was founded by Chris Montana in 2013. Du Nord Spirits include; Gin, Vodka, Whiskey and a Coffee and Apple Liqueur. Tis the season for apple, spice and everything nice. Check out this simple cocktail recipe made with their “Pronounced Apple” Liqueur. 


Ten to One 

Ten to One is a Black owned Rum company founded by Marc Ferrell. He was born and raised in the Caribbean and his spirit reflects that of his culture. You can find great holiday recipes made with both their white and spiced rum. You’ll also find Caribbean ingredients such as sorrel, ginger and other spices. Try out their “Dirty Horchata” recipe here



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