4 Ways to Avoid Overspending during the Holidays

The recent inflation has had an effect on consumer spending. However, with all the holiday marketing and advertising campaigns, it’s still easy to get carried away with impulse buys. It would behoove shoppers to be more strategic with their spending. Below are a few tips on how to better manage your money during this holiday season. 


Utilize budget lists and Prioritize Expenses

Lists are your friends. They make life easier. Create a list of your expenses and pay them off early if you can. Once you’ve done that, you can start creating an ideal budget for shopping. It’d also help for you to create a list of who you are buying for and potential ideas on what you want to purchase. Price everything out! 


Take Advantage of Sales

Most businesses will promote their sale ahead of time. After you’ve prioritized your expenses, take advantage! Black Friday, Cyber Mondays etc. Take control of your spending, schedule a time to shop and stick to it. If I’m shopping in-store, I like to be the first in and first out. Not only will it help prevent the hassle of shopping in an overly crowded establishment but it’s also the best time to snag the best items before they’re gone!


Keep Track

Save your receipts! Especially if you’re shopping before the holidays. You may need to return or exchange at the last minute. This will help you monitor the money you’re spending and how much you’ve saved. 


Get Creative

One of the most unique ways of saving money during the holidays is by making gifts yourself! I love a good DIY project. You could save tons of money and make your loved ones feel extra special. Try making your own holiday cards or upcycling household items like turning your candle holder into a planter! 

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