50 Cent Professes His Love For Exotic Women and Calls Black Women “Angry,” Torrei Hart Snaps Back

Torrei Hart is fed up with the constant disrespect of Black women by our very own.


The mother and former wife of comedian Kevin Hart has a response to 50 Cent’s comments in a recent interview where he talks about Black women who are “upset with at him dating exotic women.”



In the video, the “In Da Club” rapper says, “they get mad. They get angry. You see a lot of sisters they go ‘you f*** with this kind of girl and that kind of girl?’ That s*** is exotic!”


As his counterpart Lil Wayne chuckles and adds in, “they get real angry.” 50 Cent continues, “it always makes me defensive. ‘Look at this angry Black mother**** get the f*** out of here.’”


Torrei let it be known that the continuous trolling of women by Black men makes no sense, especially given we’re all fighting to dismantle racism.


“I really could give a damn if you date outside of your race, I’ve dated outside of my race several times,” she responds in a video, “me dating these “exotic” men didn’t make me put down my brothers because I still love my Black men too.”



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It’s Time to stand up!!! @50cent

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She finishes her video with a call to action, Black men need to stand up or shut up!


“Show us the respect, love and appreciation, the praise that we deserve,” Torrei expresses, “…have something else to talk about instead of putting down your beautiful Black Queens. How about that, Black men? STAND UP.”


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  1. What I think needs to be done is for Black women and Black people as a whole is to not stereotype and assume that 1) all Black men think alike and 2) all Black men get their “marching orders” from celebrity types especially Black one like rappers or entertainers.
    I have never looked to entertainers as role models nor ever will.
    Entertainers entertain audiences. Kind of like animals at a circus or at an aquarium.
    50 cent feels the way he does and thats his prerogative but he only speaks for 50 cent not the rest of Black men in society.
    If anything he should be an example for all Black especially sisters to stop looking for sound advice from entertainers and celebrities.
    They represent themselves and not you or I.
    Be that as it may I love Black women always have. Respect and protect the Black woman.

  2. I’m sure I don’t care what .50 thinks. I find Black men to be way more bitter and angry than my sisters. Stop projecting self hate on us. We have fought that war for years and are finally seeing ourselves as the valuable, beautiful beings we are. Go to wherever your exotic women come from with that.

  3. “Exotic” honestly we all may be a little exotic. Check your DNA. But stop with the footers. Moma said if you don’t know what to say then shut your mouth. His preference should be human being. Just found out I’m 48% Nigerian, We they speak this way about their own race maybe it’s a inside oneself issue. Nonsense God loves all his children for he created us all. The so called angry black women’s is the Women’s who speaks up when your not a man standing up. So they say another angry black Women’s, We as black women aren’t angry, just sick and tired of some grown Men acting like children. White and black men say it. Sad .

  4. Sorry for the incorrect word usage. This darn Google keeps changing the words to what they think I’m writing in a text. Google needs a dictionary when it doesn’t recognize the word it will change. Next time I will make sure I do a better job at proofreading my words before I hit send. You change it and it’ll change it back to what it wants. The first miss spell was suppose to say foolery and google change it to footers which doesn’t make any sense. So again sorry.

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