“I’m Never Doing Another Interview Again” Singer Ari Lennox Cuts Social Media After This VERY Inappropriate Question

Ari Lennox has had enough of social media!

After the “Shea Butter Baby” singer took to Twitter to vent about an interview with South Africa’s, MacG, Lennox briefly flooded the app with tweets condemning social media.

“I’m never doing another interview again,” wrote the songstress as she prepared to express her sentiments following the interview gone wrong.

She later tweeted, “this sh*t really feels like a Twilight Zone episode,” and that “it’s time for big changes.”


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During the episode of MacG’s ‘Podcast And Chill,” he posed the question, “who’s f*cking Ari Lennox good?” which the singer says left her feeling both uncomfortable and blindsided.

MacG defended his salacious question saying that he was simply citing her lyrics. This did not sit well with Lennox, who tweeted her displeasure with interviews and social media in general.

“Just because I happily and freely sing/write about sex don’t make any kind of creepy disrespect warranted,” wrote Lennox via Twitter. “I clearly was in immense shock and hate that I didn’t react differently.”

She was also shocked that no one jumped in to help her after this inappropriate question.

“I’m just like… why was I alone, on a call full of people? Why didn’t anyone intervene? And why wasn’t parts of the interview destroyed like the team promised? Why did it happen to begin with,” Lennox questioned.  “I just feel slow and ambushed and blind-sighted.”

Lennox went on to discuss how toxic social media can be.

Sm is a traumatizing, unhealthy place. You are only accepted here if you’re perfect and seemingly happy at all times,” she continued. “When every single life knows that’s not realistic. People cry, people complain, people are mad in real life. I just never cared to be a fake *ss b*tch.”  

Lennox’s harsh verdict about social media brought on praise from fans and criticism from others who felt the singer was being too sensitive.

Lennox’s Twitter rant has since been deleted.

Was Lennox being insensitive or did the interviewer go too far?

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