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  1. I love the programming on the aspire channel it is wonderful especially for the black people.

  2. I love Aspire TV! The varied content constantly reminds of the beauty, talent, and excellence of our culture!❀

  3. I love Aspire TV! The varied content constantly reminds me of the beauty, talent, and excellence of our culture!❀

  4. Absolutely awesome!!!! Thank you one and all for television programs that my entire can relate to. I love Khadijah and Maliks, there love, honesty, and humility. Nikki Chu Her creative style and breathtaking views on fashion. Just Angela thank you for making me aware of several products by people of color. You have truly grown into a beautiful young lady. Yes i remember pastries. 😊. Far too many to mention but keep enlightening and encouraging all of us to support and lift one another up in prayer and in deed. πŸ™πŸΎβ€οΈπŸ™πŸΎ

  5. I love Aspire TV!

  6. I love Aspire!!! A chance to watch the sistas and brothas instead of the others!!!!!

  7. ENJOY & appreciaye Aspire TV. Too bad 8 out of 10 enjoy but wouldnt bother to give feedback.

  8. I LOVE ASPIRETV!!! I live in a geographically isolated area, so seeing Black people being positive every day is important.I feel very comfortable leaving my young daughter alone in a room with this channel on. I cannot say that for many channels. I am a proud HBCU graduate. I enjoy HBCU 101. I enjoy Side by Side. Watching sisters love each other and get along is beautiful. I enjoy the short films that are featured. I also like the Urban Indie Black Film Block. I am inspired by Unboxed with Nikki Chu. I do miss the interview show that featured Black celebrities. I don’t remember the name of it, but Magic Johnson and Regina Lewis were featured in different episodes. I can go on and on but those are the highlights. Thank you for this channel. Thank God for this channel!!!! I am a forever fan.

  9. I Love Aspire TV. Especially Black Sports Line up. Thank you Mr. Johnson.*

  10. Love Aspire.

  11. I love the movies. They are so uplifting. I also enjoy them Black TV shows and the programming. Keep up the good work! Thank you!

  12. The chef’s also are a favorite of mine as well. From chef Jenard, JJ, Butter and Brown and G Garvin. Omgoodness keep those good recipes coming. Love you all

  13. I love AspireTV! I started watching it for the HBCU football coverage and was happy to find all the other great shows it has to offer.

  14. Although many of the movies have laugh tracks, characters breaking out in song with music and bad sound as I previously mentioned, I do love, love, love the Urban Indie Film Block.

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