aspireMKTPLC: “I Want Black Women To See Themselves Reflected,” Jasmin Foster Uses Her Journals To Inspire Black Women

Jasmin Foster is cultivating a journal brand to help Black women ground themselves while reflecting on who they are. After realizing the lack of diversity in the stationary space, she created Be Rooted, journals that help Black women step into their power one page at a time.


Foster, sat down with us to share her passion for equality and creating opportunities for representation, along with advice for other entrepreneurs looking to turn their passion into a paycheck.


She also stresses the importance of Black women truly seeing themselves through her company.



On Be Rooted


When asked to describe her company in three words, Foster uses culture, reflection, and community.


Culture because the journals are rooted in Black culture. Reflection because it’s important for us to take the time to do a reflection on our lives. I want my journals to be a reflection of Black women,” says Foster. “Community because as I try to lift as I climb by working with tons of different Black and Brown designers. I want women around the world to be connected with Be Rooted.”


On Her Passion To Feature Creators of Color


“From the beginning, I’ve wanted to create jobs and work to showcase Black designers,” says Foster.


She currently utilizes Instagram to find designers that fit what she has in mind. From there, Foster commissions their art and they land on a proposal. She hasn’t revealed the artists’ names because most want to remain anonymous. However, she is working in the best way to celebrate and recognize the artist who are willing.



“For me to create the vision and connect with someone who has the skillset to really bring it to life is another main objective of mine,” said Foster. “ I hope that one day the brand is big enough to where I have a dope staff of Black and Brown designers that work with me to continue to uplift the brand’s values.”


On Turning Your Passion Into A Paycheck


When asked her advice for others looking to jump into entrepreneurship, Foster says “start somewhere.”


“Focus in on one idea, start somewhere, and just get a proof of concept out there,” said Foster. “Once you do that, people will tell you if they like what you’re doing and if they don’t, it’s totally fine to pivot.”


Foster offers this encouragement, “If you just let your ideas live in your head,” she continues, “I promise you no ones gonna buy it because it’s nowhere but in your head.”


On Seeing Herself & Helping Others To Do The Same


The first time she saw Black women in entrepreneurship was through beauty shop owners.


“Going to the beauty shop early on and seeing that there was one owner, creating opportunities for other Black women by giving them a booth,” is what Foster says when she saw someone doing the work she’s always intended to do.


“I want Be Rooted to be a light in the community and provide a different level of reflection for folks,” she says. She wants Black women to see themselves in the pages of the Be Rooted journal.


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