Best-Selling Author & Black Literary Icon, Eric Jerome Dickey Dead At Age 59

We are heartbroken!


The 59-year-old best-selling author Eric Jerome Dickey died Sunday (January 3) after his battle with cancer.


“It is with great sadness that we confirm that beloved New York Times best-selling author Eric Jerome Dickey passed away on Sunday, January 3, in Los Angeles after battling a long illness,” shared his publicist. “Eric Jerome Dickey was the author of 29 novels, and his work has become a cultural touchstone over the course of his multi-decade writing career, earning him millions of dedicated readers around the world.”



According to his website, the Memphis, Tennesse native attended Memphis State University where he earned a degree in Computer System Technology. Shortly after graduating, Dickey moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in engineering, however, this would not be his only profession. Along with writing, Dickey pursued occupations as an actor and comedian.


Dickey used his gift of writing to tell complex Black stories in a prolific way. His books were romantic, passionate, and filled with intense drama allowing him to touch readers all over the world.


“I actually enjoy the part that no one sees,” he said in a 2020 interview with Loop as he reflected on his career. “The actual being creative, looking at the blank sheet, coming up with the characters and plots, just that whole creative process…I call that part the lady without the makeup and I don’t mean that in a misogynistic way. I’m just saying it hasn’t been dressed up yet and presented to the public. That’s the best part of it.”


Some of his most popular books include “Sister, Sister”, “Cheaters”, “Friends and Lovers”, and “Milk in My Coffee.”


His final novel, “The Son of Mr. Suleman” is set to be released in April 2021.


Fans across Twitter showed Dickey an outpouring of love after news of his death broke. Left to carry on his legacy are his four daughters. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and all of his loved ones.


  1. Eric Jerome Dickey was an amazing writer. Very few could write page turners like he could. Rest In Power.

  2. Just too much to bear! Loved your work . Got me through many hard days. You will forever be missed.

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