Black Dads We Love to See on Screen

Black dads are dope. Society doesn’t give them enough credit these days for the way they hold down their families and love their children. Not all dads are made equal. Some are funny and silly. Others are serious and strict. But they all try their best to love and protect you.

But TV dads are different, right? Nope. They are just as imperfect, but you love them, nonetheless. How many times have you watched your favorite TV dad scold a bad decision, play a game, or protect one of his kids on the big screen? Probably, many, many times. Sometimes TV dads remind you of your own dad or allow you to imagine a father-figure you could have each week if yours is not in the picture physically. Whatever the reason, TV dads are there to make you feel safe and protected.

Over the years, Black TV Dads across the networks since the early 1990s to 2020s, have been warming your hearts and making you laugh uncontrollably on how they parent and become fathers on TV. There are so many different Black TV dads to choose from in Black culture, but these dads are the top 5 to make this list because they are providers, loving, supportive, protective, and encouraging.


1. Phillip “Uncle Phil” Banks—The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  • Spouse: Vivian Banks
  • Kids: Carlton Banks, Hilary Banks, Ashley Banks
  • Nephew: Will Smith

Phillip Banks is a stern yet knowledgeable father and uncle who disciplines, loves, and provides with his whole heart. Affectionately known as Uncle Phil, he is a loving and doting husband to Vivian—showing his children how to respect and honor their wife. As a father in the show, Uncle Phil enjoys spending time with his family as well as putting them in their place when they act up. Most importantly, Uncle Phil is a man that protects you and stands up for you and always chooses you as one of his own (e.g. “police brutality” or “Lou rejects Will”).


2. Randall Pearson—This is Us
  • Spouse: Beth Pearson
  • Kids: Tess Pearson, Annie Pearson, Deja Pearson

Randall Pearson is the adoptive son of Rebecca and Jack and a sibling of the “Big 3,” but he is also the baby that was dropped off at the fire station by his biological father William. For whatever reason, Randall did not allow those circumstances to make him a cold-hearted or bitter person because he remains an empathetic, attentive, and encouraging husband and father in the show. He even adopts Deja in a similar situation like his to join his family. As a father, Randall is good-hearted, sensitive, and caring.


3. Ralph Angel Bordelon—Queen Sugar
  • Spouse: Darla
  • Kids: Blue Bordelon, Tru Bordelon

Ralph Angel Bordelon is a formerly, incarcerated single father with a complex story. After his father’s unexpected death, Ralph Angel turns his life around to take care of his legacy—his son and his father’s farm. Those two things become the impetus to create the man who is changing the landscape for Black farmers to succeed in Louisiana. As a father in the show, Ralph Angel is a symbol of persistence and determination for his son Blue and new daughter Tru.


4. Michael Kyle—My Wife and Kids
  • Spouse: Jay Kyle
  • Kids: “Junior” Kyle, Claire Kyle, Kady Kyle

Michael Kyle is a funny, hands-on father that lets his children learn from their mistakes even after he’s provided the lesson. Michael shows us the ups and downs of parenting as well as the joys, too. The show is good in displaying the themes of forgiveness, responsibility, and accountability of our actions at any age. As a father, Michael shows his children to do the right thing.


5. Andre “Dre” Johnson—Black-ish
  • Spouse: Dr. Rainbow Johnson
  • Kids: “Junior” Johnson, Zoey Johnson, Diane Johnson, Jack Johnson, Devantae Johnson
  • Parents: Ruby Johnson, Pops

Dre Johnson is a proud Black man raising his family in the “burbs.” As a successful advertising executive, Dre has to deal with a racist and sexist environment at times at work, so he does his best to make sure his children understand the politics of living as a Black person in America. As a father in this show, Dre is best at teaching about Black pride and love of culture.


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