Black Doctor To The Rescue! Tessica Brown Can Finally Let Her Hair Down Thanks to This Plastic Surgeon

Updated 2/11/21:

Black doctor to the rescue!

Tessica Brown is freed from the shackles of Gorilla Glue!

After traveling across the country to Los Angeles to see a plastic surgeon about removing the glue from her hair, the Louisiana native can finally let her hair down thanks to this Black doctor.

Dr. Obeng is the plastic surgeon that created the solution to break down the gorilla glue on Brown’s hair thanks to his chemical background.

“Any compound can be broken down,” said Dr. Obeng who made the solution to a situation that had all of us in a frenzy look so simple.

Brown has also shut down all rumors that she had intentions of suing the company down.


We’re happy to see this hair tragedy end on a good note, all the best to Brown on her recovery!


Original Story 2/5/21:

This ponytail won’t be letting up anytime soon!

Tessica Brown has made Gorilla Glue a trending topic after she mistakenly used the incredibly strong holding glue instead of got2be hair glue.


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Her hair has been in a ponytail for a month and glued SOLID! Not even 15 washes have managed to get her hair to budge — sis has hair as hard as a helmet!


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Ya’ll got any tips to help our good sis out of this one?

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