Tessica Brown


  1. I don’t get this. I really don’t, can someone explain this to me. She decided of her own free mind to use glue as hairspray, and because it says use on wood, stone, foam, stone, and more it was safe for her hair because the and more made her think hair is like any of these things, and the thing we teach preschool about not putting in your eyes or month she put on her hair because she wasn’t told you hair. And wants money from people and doesn’t say she is suing doesn’t say refund if she doesn’t just put out I thinking about suing before a gofundme page and got $21,402 bucks from this. Help me out here if I eat an shoe. And choke on the shoe but cut it to the size of food will you give me $21,000 because the shoe maker don’t say not eddable on the shoe box or tag.

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