Black Trans Women Need Protection Too! Angelica Ross Says It’s Time To Stop Watching These Brutal Attacks And Step Up

Violence against Black trans women has been on the rise at an alarming rate and Angelica Ross is clear on where she stands when it comes to the need for change.


In the wake of incidents like the recent brutal Los Angeles attack on three transgender women by two men, while others stood by recording and laughing, Ross says it’s time to step up the protection.


“ We as women, and definitely we as Black trans women, need to continue to be hyperaware of our environment, and in this climate, finding different ways to protect ourselves,” said Ross in an interview with Self magazine.



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Violence against Black trans women is on track to be worse this year that ever before. Recently, a group of trans women, Eden the Doll, Jaslene WhiteRose, and Joslyn Flawless, were brutally attacked in L.A. while bystanders walked by or laughed and encouraged violence. In this month’s cover story, writer Crissle West (@crissle) asked ‘Pose’ actor and activist Angelica Ross (@angelicaross) her thoughts on dealing with the apparent uptick in hate crimes against Black trans people. “It’s hard, but as trans people, we have got to take back our power by not allowing the administration, other people, or society to determine our station in life,” Ross says. “Laws can’t govern me because they don’t have context for my life. I can’t allow the world to have any standing in the decisions that I make in growing. By any means necessary, I’m going to blossom.” Read more in our October cover story. Link in bio.🔗 Photographer: @cb_analog Stylist: @shibonleigh Hair: @cesar4styles Makeup: @yolondafrederick Backdrops: @aelisew Photographer: @cb_analog Stylist: @shibonleigh Hair: @cesar4styles Makeup: @yolondafrederick Backdrops: @aelisew Visuals Director: @avenerable

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The “Pose” actress gets transparent about her own plans of protection.


“I don’t believe in guns. I’ve been in the military, but it’s just not for me,” she says, “I am getting a Doberman, though, and I’m getting it trained to have that kind of protection. At this point, I think folks are going to have to learn that they can’t f*** with us.”


Ross also goes on to shed light on how she feels as though society as a whole, along with some Black cis women, are accomplices in the treatment of Black straight men.


“It irks me to the bones, the ignorance that comes from some cis Black women who can’t hear that I’m not saying you are the cause for Black men killing Black trans women,” said Ross. “What I’m saying is you telling him he’s gay for dating a Black trans woman is adding to the toxic masculinity. It’s adding to him performing this toxic masculinity for you.”


Although she has managed to stay busy despite the effects of COVID-19, she reminds fans that she is no stranger to overcoming the struggle and hard work.


“I’m clear about my humble beginnings and my history as far as struggling as a Black trans woman having to go through survival sex work,” expressed Ross. “For some folks, they find that’s their calling. For others, it’s survival. There’s levels to this.”


What are your thoughts on Angelica Ross and her stance on the need for more protection for Black trans women?




  1. This is an LGBT issue, the black community needs to focus on heterosexual issues.

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