BREAKING: At Least 13 People Injured, 5 Shot During Alleged Brooklyn Subway Attack

An alarming situation is underway in Brooklyn.

The NY Times reports that multiple people were shot during the morning rush in a subway station located in Brooklyn.

At approximately 8:30 a.m., the police department shared that officers were called to the 36th Street station which is home to the Sunset Park neighborhood and associated with train lines D, N, and R. Upon arrival, the fire department notes that 13 people were injured, mainly by gunfire. In preliminary reports, officials allude to the fact that five people were shot.

While this is an ongoing story, the official also revealed that investigators believe that as a smoke bomb went off, the suspected gunman shot from inside of a subway train.

Several videos have surfaced across social media where several passengers frantically ran from the station and onto platforms at 36th Street while smoke poured out through the station.

“We saw an ambulance coming out with a stretcher with a person on it,” said 20-year-old Silvana Guerrero in an interview with the NY Times. She works at a nearby restaurant, Sunset Bagels Cafe & Grill. “Their leg was injured — I’m not sure exactly what went on or what was going on. And then, we saw after that, two ambulances with two people, like hopping on one leg.”

Currently, police are looking for a suspect whom they say is a heavyset man sporting a gas mask and an orange construction vest while wearing a dark blue outfit that appeared to resemble the uniform of a transit worker.

At this time, eight people with injuries from the shooting are being treated at NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn according to hospital spokesperson Lisa Greiner. Injuries include gunshot wounds and smoke inhalation with all victims in stable condition.

Several nearby schools and businesses have locked down to “shelter in place” while the search for the suspect continues.


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