Luxury Footwear Brand Caesar Walks Celebrates Earth Day Through More Sustainable Footwear

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than actually initiatives that save the very planet that we call home.

Luxury footwear brand CaesarWalks is currently pushing for a more sustainable future through its Belgian Loafer. The shoe was specifically designed with recycled items that consist of an outsole completely created through old wine bottle corks. Founder, Ganesia Wveighlin is on a mission to be a driving force for change by taking a different approach to luxury shoe designs.

I’m an “earth baby”. I love being out in nature. When you have a certain love for something, you can’t help but to notice its pain,” said Wveighlin in an exlclusive email interview with aspireTV. “The climate crisis is a real thing, and we are damaging the earth at a faster rate that we can allow it to heal itself. The statics are alarming. One sneaker takes up to 40 years to decompose in a landfill. Most materials that are made produces high levels of carbon emissions. Earth is a gift and we must start taking care of her.”
Since the inception of Caesar Walks nearly five years ago, Wveighlin made the decision to take up studies in the field of shoemaking in order to learn how to create all of her shoe designs by hand. Not only does she understand the makings of a good (and sustainable) shoe, but thanks to her background in technology, she has managed to build a brand that is both sourced sustainably and through technological advancements.

Her “interest in luxury as an ‘art’ and what it represents for herself and her people” far surpasses her goal to just create a company rooted in making money.
Through her belief that “no one is going to save our planet but us,” Wveighlin is well on her way to creating a better future one sole at a time.
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