Can Women and Men Be Friends? Steve Harvey Under Fire For Admitting He’s “Incapable” of Having Female Friends

If you’re a woman looking to be friends with Steve Harvey think again!

The comedian and game show host made it clear that he is only friends with one gender.

“All of my friends are men,” said Harvey in a previous interview that has since resurfaced. ” I don’t have female friends. I don’t. I’m incapable of that. I don’t really have female friends. Let’s get rid of this myth right here…”

Harvey, a married man, believes that most men are only friends with women after being forced into the friend zone.

“He’s your friend only because you have made it absolutely clear that nothing else is happening except this friendship we have,” said Harvey. “We remain your friends in hopes that one day they’ll be a crack in the door, a cheek in the armor, and trust and believe that guy you think that’s just your buddy — he will slide in that crack the moment he gets the opportunity cause we’re guys.”

For him, this logic is true for all men. He notes that “99.9 percent” of them think in that way.

Of course, Twitter chimed in on Steve Harvey’s comments!


What are your thoughts, can women and men be in strictly platonic relationships?

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