David Adefeso Addresses Murder-Suicide Allegations And We’re Shocked By His Response!

(Updated: 9/10/20)

Things have heightened in the Braxton and Adefeso situation as he claims the reality star attacked him.


According to Adefeso, “Here’s the truth. I’ve been a victim of domestic violence, domestic assault. I was attacked. I was driving… and I was attacked, a blow to my neck, to my jugular. For those who know, the jugular, that carries blood to your brain.” “When you’re hit there, it discombobulates you. I thought I was gonna crash. I was driving fast. I had to call my mom… a 50-year-old guy having to call his mom when he’s driving, and my mom started praying.”


This comes just one day after Braxton alleges that he threatened to kill her and then himself.


In the video post, Adefeso appears to get emotional as he reveals his property was also damaged during the altercation. “My car was destroyed. I drive a Rolls Royce. Almost $30,000 in damage,” he continues, “I can’t really continue to speak about this because the cops were involved. It’s a criminal case now, for the damage to the car, the taping, the assault…”


Adefeso also admits that he still loves Braxton and that they have been together for two years. “I loved her with everything I had. I stood by her through thick and thin… I went to bat for my girl, as a man should, no matter what.” He adds,  “And I’ll continue to do it today. I’ll continue to stand by Tamar no matter what. But we can’t forget the victims… the victims of domestic assault, domestic violence. Domestic violence happens to men. Forty percent of domestic abuse and domestic violence occurs against men.”

Lastly, he addressed singer K. Michelle’s claims that Braxton slept with Jermaine Dupri’s father while he was married to another woman.


He shared, “I got on her case, for the only reason being, you can’t attack what we’re trying as black people in America to overcome – racial injustice and all the bad things that happened to us. We can’t be attacking each other. When she attacked Tamar, I came to her defense because I didn’t believe it was right for one black woman to attack another black woman in America. So, I’m gonna make a pledge, I will not subscribe to that… I will never, never bring myself to attack Tamar, somebody I spent so long with. I never will.”


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More shocking details have surfaced in the relationship between Tamar Braxton and fiancé, David Adefeso.


Yesterday, he filed a restraining order against Braxton but new reports claim that she is the one who felt threatened. The two are said to have had a disagreement during Tamar’s time at a mental health facility. She questioned a video he shared of her son Logan, 7, during a trip to the beach.



Allegedly Braxton told Adefeso that he was “around for the wrong reason and could not be trusted.” Then he seemingly became “irate, threatening not only her life but his own. “Further details hint to him saying that they would have a “murder-suicide.”


According to Braxton, Adefeso claimed she hit him came after he allegedly left a bruise when he “grabbed her hand.”


This news follows the incident in July, where the reality star attempted suicide. It’s been speculated her distress resulted from filming for her upcoming reality show.


We hope the two can come to an agreement with no one getting hurt in the process.


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