“I Want To Be Bishop” Ralph McDaniels Recalls Being Approached By Diddy To Star In ‘Juice’

Diddy had his sights set upon the role of Bishop in the cult classic, “Juice,” however the film’s producer had other plans.

The founder of Video Music Box, Ralph McDaniels, recalled working on his first film “Juice,” during an Instagram live (INCLUDE DATE OR DAY) with rapper Fat Joe.

“I’ll tell you a funny story,” said McDaniels.”They brought ‘Pac in, he was the only person they casted. They couldn’t cast nobody [because] it was when Hollywood wasn’t really trusted with Hip Hop, and people were like ‘uhh I don’t know, is this for real?’ and [producers] were like ‘yeah yeah, it’s real.’ So they brought me in as a consultant to help bring everybody else in.”

He further explains that Diddy originally wanted the role of Bishop for himself, but the team already set their sights on late rapper, Tupac.

“When we shot “Juice,” Andre Harrell was shooting [a movie, which] Puff was working on,” McDaniels continued. “Puff got fired from that movie, and he said ‘Ralph, you working on Juice, I want to be Bishop. I saw the script. Bishop, that’s me!'”

Diddy believed the role was perfect for him, due to his Harlem roots. Another producer on the project did not agree.

“I remember going to the producers and just feeling it out and [the producer] was like, ‘Absolutely not! Absolutely not! We already got ‘Pac, that’s the only person we have, and Puff just got fired from “Strictly Business” and we know him. He can’t come on this set’,”  McDaniels explained. “So I was like ‘Alright, no problem.'”

Fans sounded off in the comments. They believed that no one else could’ve fulfilled the role of Bishop quite as good as Tupac Shakur.

“Yeah, I’m glad they didn’t change it because no one else could’ve played Bishop like Tupac,” one user chimed in.

It looks like the producers of “Juice” made the right call. Tupac will forever be our Bishop.

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