Do Better! Rapper Tory Lanez Releases New Tracks Denying He Shot Meg Thee Stallion & Detailing Their Relationship

Rapper Tory Lanez obviously does not know how to read the room.


After Black women have come off of an emotionally exhausting week with Breonna Taylor’s murderers walking off nearly scot-free, the rapper took to his music to address allegations that he shot fellow rapper  Megan Thee Stallion earlier this summer.


According to People magazine, Lanez dropped a 17-track album titled “Daystar” where he denies shooting everyone’s favorite Houston hottie in the foot. He even claims that she is “trying to frame” him for the July incident that occurred in Los Angeles.


Despite the foolishness, Megan Thee Stallion is still on top. The “Savage” superstar not only made Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020 earlier this week but also announced her first solo Saturday Night Live appearance for the television’s season premiere next week starring Chris Rock as the host.



While the hip-hop industry has a history of sweeping misogyny under the table,  fellow celebs have spoken out on Lanez tone-deaf idea to release tracks that not only denounce Meg The Stallion, but other women in the industry that spoke out against the incident.



“This clown shoots a female [and] ya’ll listening to his music like its ok! Tf @torylanez” said NBA superstar JR Smith in an Instagram story post.


Rick Ross also took to Instagram to speak on the rapper’s latest antics writing, “Poor decision, brother.”


Although Tory Lanez seems to think it’s alright to continue to drag this situation through the mud, we are so happy to see so many people champion around Meg Thee Stallion during this time, because now more than ever Black women need to be protected and uplifted, period.


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