Don’t Let No Stop You! Several Artists Decline, But Jermaine Dupri Refuses To Give Up After This Story From Quincy Jones

Jermaine Dupri turns to legend Quincy Jones after several artists decline to appear on his new charity song, “Change.”


Dupri is back in his producer bag for the song “Change,” inspired by Jones’ classic 1985 hit “We Are The World.” The current project includes artists Johnta Austin, Kelly Rowland, Miguel, Eric Bellinger, Ne-Yo, and more for the song.



“I’ve had a few people who rejected being on the song,” Dupri reveals to The New York Post’s Page Six, “a week ago those rejections had me in a f**ked up space.”


He further explains why he had to pull himself out of that bad space, “I’m trying to do something for a good cause… so I had to get myself out of that funk. I’m a songwriter, so when someone rejects one of my songs, I start thinking the song sucks immediately.”


“ I read that when Quincy and Micheal (Jackson) did We Are the World, Prince came to the studio, and he rejected being on the song,” says Dupri, “When I saw that, it relieved me because I’m like, ‘That’s why Prince wasn’t on the song because he didn’t like the song.’”


The backstory behind this chart-topping hit gave him the push to keep going and much-needed creativity for the new track.


Who do ya’ll think was out here turning down the offer to work on this song with JD? 


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