Fall Comfort Meals

When I think of food in the fall and winter, I think of warmth and comfort. It’s the holiday season, a time to bring out the family recipes; soups, baked dishes, pot roasts etc. There is also this thing called “seasonal eating” which is not a new concept but is becoming a topic of discussion when it comes to healthy eating. Not only will you get the freshest produce but seasonal eating is also more nutritious. It’s best to buy from your local farmers market rather than the grocery store because there, you will find natural seasonal foods harvested by local farmers. So whilst you’re cooking your favorite fall meal, make sure to incorporate some seasonal foods for a well balanced plate. Some examples of seasonal fall foods are; carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, green beans etc.


Below is a list of recipes you can try this season from AspireTV! Share your dish with family and friends at the next gathering or holiday! 


Veggie Curry

This delicious Veggie Curry recipe will surely warm your soul and have you going back for another bowl. 


Oxtail Stew

This savory Oxtail Stew is perfect for an evening dinner in the fall, try pairing it with a glass of your favorite red wine! 


Beef Stew

Lean beef, rainbow carrots and red potatoes simmered into a beef stew is just pure classic comfort food.


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