Five Women To Follow For Daily Inspiration

1. Tabitha Brown – iamtabithabrown

Tabitha Brown won us all over with her beautiful smile and positive attitude towards life. A woman on a mission for decades, she has finally found her stride in the arts, television, and influencer space after sharing recipes and vegan eats on her IG channel. She now has a deal with several big brands including a new colorful line at Target. 

She often shares inspirational moments and videos on her channel as well as images from her new endeavors and book meet and greets. If for no other reason, follow Tabitha for her smile – it will light up your day. 


2. Myleik Teele – myleik 

Myleik Teele is the founder of CurlBox, a hair care subscription service featuring a myriad of hair care products to try every month. Myleik got her start working for other affluent women before getting the idea for her business. Since starting her business, she has curated tours, trips, podcasts, and more to inspire others to be their best self. 

She has recently stepped into the world of motherhood as well, inspiring mothers to see motherhood in unique ways. She always has a word to share or story to tell that helps others feel less alone. Follow Myleik for inspiration but also to hear someone say the things you wish other people would say – the truth. 


3. Angela Renee Simmons – angelasimmons 

Most of us know Angela Simmons as the daughter of the famous Rev Run. Angela has made a name for herself and taken to the world with her experiences in motherhood and entrepreneurship. She is well known for her pastry shoe design but more recently she is known for sharing unedited photos of her bikini shoot. 

She has become a beacon for body positivity and strength as she has worked to move on from the death of her ex fiance. Follow Angela for a real take on life, motherhood, entrepreneurship, and body positivity. 


4. Maya Elious – mayaelious 

Maya Elious is a self made millionaire who started a digital marketing business that has blown up into several different entities including a masterclass that helps women start six figure businesses. A master of messaging and money, she shares tips and tricks to help others find purpose and passion while making the money they deserve. 

Beyond business things, Maya also shares her fitness journey with her followers. She shows the good, bad, and ugly of exercise and launched her own fitness apparel line as well. She is a down to earth example of what it looks like to live a full life and love yourself while doing it. 


5. Tracee Ellis Ross – traceeellisross 

If you don’t know Tracee Ellis Ross, you absolutely should. She has over 11 million followers on social media and I guarantee all 11 million of those followers LOVE her. Tracee Ellis Ross is not only a comedic genius and beloved actress, she is also an icon for being a colorful black woman, entrepreneur, and confident in her ideals towards marriage and dating. 

If you browse Tracee’s social media, you’ll find clips of her working out, being silly, telling stories, making us laugh, and telling us like it is at all times. She is a warrior who demands justice for those who are wronged in her community while also strutting her comedic chops in the doctor’s office. Follow her, just do it.

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