From Tik Tok to Your TV Screen

Content is King. This phrase has become a cliche in this hyper-digital landscape where Social Media has become more of a utility akin to water and power than a source of entertainment. Clichés don’t become clichés by accident. There is something so true that appeals to the essence of something. When someone says “Content is king” they are referring to the ability to stay in front of eyeballs, to always be at the front of everyone’s mind – to garner attention. 

And over the last couple of years, no social media platform has embodied this more so than TikTok. At any given moment you will find someone – most likely your significant other – lost in a sea of short-form videos ranging from comedy to inspiration to books. There is nothing off-limits. 

And maybe that is why the TV industry has taken notice. In October it was announced that “NBCUniversal has launched an initiative to turn TikTokers into its next generation of Television creators.” 

This is a further departure from the traditional model of creating and developing TV shows. In the past, there seemed to be a pipeline that took a staff writer through the ranks culminating in the coveted Showrunner position. Now, with the emergence of streaming services, the need for content and creators who can shepherd that content is at an all-time high. And that has led them to break conventions further. They have put together a group of 11 social media creators who they will be working with over the next year to develop their series.

Change is never easy. But art has never shied away from that change. It has evolved over and over and over again. Sure, there will be criticisms and failures and mistakes but in the end, it all amounts to evolution. Make no mistake, Television is unquestionably a business but it is also still art. 

What say you? Is this a good or bad thing for TV and its direction? Let us know in the comments!

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