From WAP To Politics, Cardi B Shocks Us All During Her Interview with Presidential Hopeful Joe Biden

Cardi B keeps it real in an interview with Democratic nominee Joe Biden.


She lays it all on the table and says, “Let me keep it a buck, I just want Trump out. His mouth gets us in trouble so much – I don’t want to be lied to.”



“I just want answers. I want to go back to my job… I need someone to tell me the hardcore truth,” Cardi continues and adds that she would like free Medicare and free college education.


Joe Biden responds to her concerns and says, “if I get elected president, anybody with a family [that makes] less than 125 grand, you’re going to get free education. And everybody gets free community college…And the way we can pay for all of this is doing practical things, like making sure that everybody has to pay their fair share. [For example] no corporation should pay less than 15 percent tax.”


The 26-year-old rapper shows how she can do both when it comes to rapping about WAP and having her voice heard when it comes to things that matter. She also voices her concern about black lives and tells Biden,


“I want Black people to stop getting killed and no justice for it. I’m sick of it. I just want laws that are fair to Black citizens and fair to cops, too…”


Biden ends the interview and keeps it honest with both Cardi and the audience, “I’ll make mistakes as president but I’ll admit to the mistakes I make and you’ll never wonder whether I’ll keep my word.”


Watch the full interview below:



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