Get The Scoop On The Bernie Mac Biopic Underway At John Legend’s Production Company

Uncle Bernie’s story will soon hit the big screens!

Get Lifted, the production company created by John Legend, has partnered with the Bernie Mac estate to produce a biopic about the late comedian.

Legend’s producing partner Mike Jackson shared the news during a panel discussion at the 2021 Tribeca Festival.

“We just partnered with Bernie Mac’s estate to cover Bernie Mac’s story,” said Jackson. The news came as a surprise to Legend as he said that the information was “something John doesn’t know about yet,” and sharing that he was “very excited about [the deal which] just happened today.”

“Look at you breaking news over here,” was Legend’s response.


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They also clarified that the project would be a feature film biopic.

Jackson spoke to the importance of using their platform to tell stories.

“It’s about the opportunities to tell a stories that you feel are important,” he said.

While further details were not shared, Jackson did explain that the project would mark a full-circle moment for Legend who appeared in one of Bernie Mac’s final films.

“The ‘Soul Men’ reunion you all wanted to see,” said Legend who portrayed Marcus Hooks, the band member honored in a reunion concert by Samuel L. Jackson (Louis Hinds) and Bernie Mac (Floyd Henderson) after he died.

Legend recalls his time working alongside Mac during the film.

“He truly just got joy from lighting people’s faces up with laughter,” he explained.

After the announcement, Jackson and Legend also reflected on Mac’s lasting legacy.

“It was beautifully done,” said Legend referring to “The Bernie Mac Show.” “His humor was always edgy but it always had so much heart to it at the same time. You could tell he was a family man. You could tell that he loved the people he was talking about.”

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