Hip Hop Reacts to PnB Rock’s Death – “You Didn’t Deserve That”

The tributes are flowing in as hip hop mourns yet another fallen star, Philadelphia rapper PnB Rock.

On Monday (Sept. 12), the rapper, born Rakim Hasheem Allen, was fatally shot while being robbed inside of a Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles located in South Los Angeles alongside his girlfriend and the mother of his two children. PnB was only 30 years old.

Since news broke of PnB’s passing, fellow emcees, producers, and peers have taken to social media to share tributes for the slain emcee.

“RIP dawg you didn’t deserve that,” said another Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill. “Every time I see one of my friends bleed out on camera or killed on camera, I feel a sick feeling I can’t even really explain…it puts me more and more back in [a] survival mentality.”

Rapper Chika spoke about the rapper’s kindness and willingness to take her in when she first hit the rap scene.

“PnB Rock was one of the first people I met out here,” she wrote via Twitter. “I remember being tucked away at a shoot, feeling out of place and he went to the director and told them to make sure to prioritize me the same way. He was gentle and kind with me, a newcomer and stranger. Rest in peace, man.”

According to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), social media may have played a role in the fatal robbery. A property manager at the restaurant confirmed that both PnB and his girlfriend shared posts on social media disclosing their location, allowing enough time to get to the restaurant to rob and kill him.

Community activists are calling for peace in the city following the tragedy.

“I want to see the community heal,” said Skipp Townsend, a longtime gang interventionist in L.A. ” There has to be more comprehensive strategy to make it clear that taking material items like an expensive watch is not worth more than a life.”

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