Houston Rapper, Scarface, Suffering From Kidney Failure, Seeks New Kidney Via Twitter 

Iconic Geto Boys rap group member Scarface faces more health issues amid his recovery from COVID-19.


Born Brad Jordan, the rapper took to Twitter to ask for help.


“I need a kidney ya’ll, any volunteers? B+ blood type” wrote Scarface.




This past March, the “Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me” rapper contracted coronavirus and talked about his experience during an interview with fellow group member, Willie D.


“It’s the craziest s**t I’ve ever done and seen in my life,” he said. “I’ve been to the point where I felt like I was gonna die, bro. I threw up so much until it was like hot, hot sauce. Like your gases and s**t  from your stomach. I didn’t have no food in my stomach, it was coming up like vile. I couldn’t breathe, Will.”


The Houston native also encouraged fans not to play around when it comes to COVID-19.


“Don’t play no games with it. I haven’t been nowhere. I’ve been in my house,” he continued. “I ain’t been on no planes, I ain’t been in no restaurants…People out here thinking this s**t is a game? You don’t want to play with this.”


At the time of his recovery process, on April 27, in an update to the public on his health, Scarface shared the complications he’s still facing following COVID-19.


“I’m glad to be alive,” he said. “I fought COVID double bilateral pneumonia – both lungs – and kidney failure in my house.”


Then, he talked about the seriousness of his kidney condition.


“COVID attacked my lungs first, and then it attacked my kidneys and knocked them out. I got full lung recovery, but my kidneys never came back,” he admitted.


We really hope he finds and receives a kidney!


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