“We Are Trusting God” After 8 Miscarriages This Husband Sold His Sneaker Collection To Cover His Wife’s IVF Treatments

True love has no limits!

After his wife experienced 8 miscarriages and 2 failed IUIs, this husband gave her the most thoughtful gift. In hopes of beginning a family, he made the decision to sell his sneaker collection to pay for his wife’s IVF treatment.

“As many of you know our journey hasn’t been easy,” said the wife via Instagram. ” We’ve had 8 miscarriages. 2 failed IUIs, 11 surgeries, and numerous hospitalizations. We had some amazing people on TikTok ask us to do a GoFundMe and like you all know, there were some negative comments, but the love and support was tremendous from so many people. Our IVF is coming up and you all’s kind words and comments have made it not so hard.”

Lastly, she expressed the couple’s gratitude for the outpour of love.

“We will forever be grateful for you,” she concluded.

She also further shared their journey in a separate post.

“In 2016, my husband and I started trying [to have] a baby,” she continued. “I found I was pregnant a day after my best friend found out she was pregnant also. Then 2 weeks later, my other best friend found out she was pregnant. We all were so excited to go through this new journey in our lives together. However, we didn’t realize our new journey wasn’t going to be what was expected.”

A GoFundMe launched for the couple has raised over $6,000 thus far.

“We are trusting God and his plan for us,” reads the post in the campaign.

We wish this couple all the love as they continue on their journey to creating a family.



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