“I Went To Work High,” Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals That She Passed Out On The Set Of ‘The Nutty Professor’

Jada Pinkett Smith’s drug addiction impacted both her health and career.

During the latest episode of “Red Table Talk,” the actress talked about her addiction to ecstasy and how it led to a scary moment on the set of “The Nutty Professor.”

The “Girls Trip” actress starred in the first installment of the film franchise which was released in 1996.

“I had one incident on ‘Nutty Professor’. I passed out,” shared Jada. “I went to work high, and it was a bad batch of ecstasy. And I passed out.”

“I told everybody that I must have had old medication in a vitamin bottle,” she continued.

For Jada, that was the turning point to getting the help she needed.


She further explained that she was able to make it through the workday, but decided to go “cold turkey” the next day.

The “Set It Off” actress also opened up about her alcohol use during the show.

“I wasn’t the type of person who was drinking every day, I was like a weekend party girl,” she said. ” Thursday to Monday morning, I would go.”

Despite Jada’s story, her daughter and co-host Willow Smith still plans on smoking marijuana. Jada just nudged her to be mindful of the company around her when doing so.

“That’s why you have to trust the eyes around you,” said the actress. “Because you won’t know. And that’s the thing with me. Don’t think that people didn’t try to tap me on my shoulder.”

Lastly, Jada had a brief moment of gratitude that she’s still here today.

“I think back on my life, like, I am a walking miracle, no double about that,” she concluded.

Watch the full “Red Table Talk” episode below.


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