“I’m Not Going To Stop Trying to Help” For The First Time Ever, Kirk Franklin Speaks On Toxic Relationship With His Son

Updated 3/18/21:

Kirk Franklin breaks his silence on the relationship with his eldest son, Kerrion Franklin, in an exclusive appearance on the Tamron Hall show.

Following the explosive audio leaked by Kerrion over the weekend, Kirk Franklin opens up about the ongoing challenges of their relationship.

Early on there was a need for “deeper help,” so Kerrion has been in and out of therapy for over 20 years.

“Now that he’s about to be 33 as a grown man the relationship at times can become very agitated and frustrated… but I’m not going to stop trying to help,” said Kirk Franklin. “He’s my son, he’s my firstborn, and I never want him to feel what I felt not having a father…It’s important for me because what if that call is the call that things change.”

He continued to share his love for his son and assured viewers that there has never been any parental or physical abuse.

Kirk respects his son as a grown man, but at the end of the day, he is still his father.

“I respect Kerrion. I’m not Kerrion’s equal though. I’m not his equal, I’m his dad,” Kirk Franklin said firmly. “And when you talk to me, especially about things that you say that you want from me, I can’t hear you when you are extremely aggressive when we’re communicating, and that’s why a lot of times, Kerrion and I haven’t talked sometimes for a year or two.”

With all the controversy that followed the release of the clip, Kirk Franklin understands why fans were upset by his explicit language.

He was disappointed with himself but he, too, is human and has been battling a longstanding “toxic, challenging, turbulent relationship” with his son.

“In that fight…my humanity, unfortunately, that day, won,” he continued. “And I’m going to keep trying, while still continuing to admit that I am an imperfect man, fighting to serve a perfect God.”


Original Story 3/14/21:

Things exploded in the Franklin household!

In a recently released video, the award-winning gospel singer let his son have it in a heated exchange.

Kerrion Franklin, the adult son of the “Melodies From Heaven” singer, shared audio of his father cursing him out on social media.

“This is why I’m done. No father should speak to their children like this,” said Kerrion in an Instagram caption. “If I have any issues it’s because of this type of treatment that I deal with behind closed doors.”

According to the 32-year-old, this argument happened not that long ago.

“Hanging up in my face, No apology, no compassion, no effort. Stop telling me to go home to my family I don’t even know where they live,” continued Kerrion. “I don’t think I’ll ever trust my father to be alone around him ever again. I didn’t want to do this. I probably won’t release the entire recording because it’s too embarrassing that I’m even dealing with this. No matter what ppl think I pray my dad deals with his deep hatred toward me. I don’t feel safe around him at all. This recording is recent it is not from 2018 just to clarify. I’m going to learn from these experiences, live my life in peace and make beautiful art.”

In the 45-second clip, the exchange between Kerrion and Kirk gets intense with violent threats.

“I’ll put my foot in your a**,” said the voice identified as Kirk Franklin by Kerrion. “I will break your neck ni***, don’t ever disrespect me.”

His son refused to back down before the clip ended.

“I dare you,” said Kerrion.

Since the video has been shared, Kirk Franklin has issued an apology and says their relationship has been toxic for years.


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“For many years we have had a toxic relationship with him as a family and tried to tend to the private family matter through therapy and counseling,” he said in the video.

He also admits to losing his temper during the argument after he felt disrespected. He asked the public to keep him and his family in their prayers.

Do you think Kirk Franklin took it too far?


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  1. We all had said words we didn’t mean to say at one point in our life.. Kirk is human we all sin, he’s not perfect. Is not for us to judge NO one. We do not know the whole family dynamics the trouble they been dealing with..Let them deal with it and we only need to pray for them.

  2. We’ve all said things we didn’t intend to be recorded and distributed. This is family business.

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