Is Everything Okay? Janet Mock’s Rant During The Premiere Event For “Pose” Might Leave You Scratching Your Head

“Pose” is back and this executive producer has fans wondering if she’s okay.

Janet Mock gave quite the speech during the season 3 premiere event for “Pose” Thursday (April 29) night. She left attendees shook after she called out Hollywood for unfair pay, questioned the series co-creator Ryan Murphy and spoke about her challenges with infidelity within her relationship.

“Why am I making $40,000 an episode,” questioned Mock. “Huh? I am angry!”

“F*ck Hollywood…Does this make you uncomfortable? It should,” continued Mock. “It should make you f*cking shake in your motherf*cking boots. This is speaking truth. This is what “Pose” is.”

She also called out the quality of work from male writers in the show’s first season and said she and her fellow female writers were brought in as the help.

“Who brought the girls in?” asked Mock.

Murphy shares that he wanted the girls there.

“I did,” answered Murphy. ” I wanted the girls to be there.”

The conversation took a turn as Mock opened up about her personal life, sharing details about a relationship between her and one of the stars of the show, Angel Bismark Curiel, who plays Lil Papi.


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According to The Jasmine Brand, she even asked Curiel to stand up during her rant.

“Stand up…right now! Let me tell you something about love. Today, I was gonna let [Angel] go,” shared Mock. ” I was gonna let you go, right, but what did I do? I f*cked someone on the crew, right?”

Mock shared that she doesn’t want to lose him.

“Angel, Angel. I’m not losing you. You hear me? You are f*cking important to me,” said Mock. ” I don’t want to live in a house alone. I want you. You motherf*cker. Right there. That’s who I want. I’m getting what’s mine.”

According to reports, Mock’s speech was well-received by cast members that attended the premiere event. Members that include the show’s lead MJ Rodriguez, Indya Moore, Dominique Jackson, and more.

The executive producer also apologized to Our Lady J for diminishing another writer and producer on the show to make herself bigger.

“I f*cked up, ya’ll. I forgot who the f*ck I was,” said Mock. “They want me to come up here and pretend. I don’t need Hollywood, honey. You know why? Cuz I’m f*cking free.”

Following Mock’s speech, her appearance on “Good Morning America,” to promote the show Friday (April 30), was canceled. Thursday’s event marked the last premiere for the popular period drama, as it kicked off its seven-episode final season.

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