Is The Beef Over? Wendy Williams Calls Nicki Minaj A Legend, The Rapper Responds

Is the beef between Nicki Minaj and Wendy Williams squashed?

Previously, both ladies have blasted each other in exchanges that left fans in a frenzy. Now it looks like it’s all water under the bridge.

Wendy Williams gave Nicki Minaj a nod after her return to music last week.

“Nicki, to me, is definitely an icon and definitely a legend,” said Wendy Williams. “She’s done things that these young girls haven’t even touched, even though they have hit music, but Nicki is different than the rest.”

Nicki Minaj’s response seemingly says that all is well.

She replied, “You are an icon & legend as well @wendyshow.”

Just last October, Wendy Williams had different sentiments as to whether or not Nicki Minaj had reached legend status. She spoke on the news that the “Beez In Da Trap,” rapper had given birth to a baby boy.

“Nicki had the baby-yesterday. So congratulations to Nicki,” said Wendy Williams. “She too is not a ‘legend.’ Not the way we think of status. And I feel bad for these girls you know, Salt-N-Pepa never have to put out music. They paid their dues and they did their thing.”

The two have also had heated back-and-forths in regard to Wendy Williams’ thoughts on the rapper’s husband, Kenneth Petty.

“I don’t really care for Mr. Petty for her,” said Wendy Williams after news broke that in 1995,  Petty was convicted of one count of attempted rape in the first degree, assault in the second degree, unlawful imprisonment in the second degree, and criminal possession of a weapon.

“The idea that he’s a registered sex offender, she’s already got a lot going on in her life,” continued Wendy Williams. “Her brother’s got a past, her father’s just passed away…”

The dust has settled and the air now seems to be clear, what are your thoughts on the ladies squashing the beef?


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