“I Have Moved On” Here’s What We Learned From Janet Jackson’s Documentary

Janet Jackson finally tells all in a heart-warming yet daring documentary about her life.

The two-part, four-hour documentary, stylized as “JANET JACKSON”, premiered on Lifetime and A&E on January 28 and took viewers through a colorful story about her life as she travels back to her hometown of Gary, Indiana.

Jackson’s story pulled in an average 3.1 million viewers during its premiere for both television networks and set social media ablaze with several shocking revelations that the singer chronicled from her life.

Check out these key takeaways from the highly-anticipated documentary.

Jackson and Justin Timberlake Have a Friendship

Fans and viewers were shocked to learn that the “Poetic Justice” star is in good standing with pop singer Justin Timberlake. Jackson and Timberlake performed in the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show in which Jackson suffered a wardrobe malfunction after her breast was exposed when Timberlake ripped off a piece of her costume.

Jackson would soon go on to be ostracized by the music industry, even being disinvited from the Grammy awards a week later. Fans have often criticized Timberlake’s role in the incident, later known as “Nipplegate”, berating him for not speaking out on Jackson’s behalf. Timberlake’s career began to soar as Jackson was shunned by the industry.

“I don’t want any drama for you,” Jackson recalled telling Timberlake. “They’re aiming all of this at me.”

Jackson revealed that she told Justin to maintain his silence at that time.

“Justin and I are very good friends and we will always be very good friends,” she continued. “We spoke just a few days ago and he and I have moved on and it’s time for everyone else to do the same.”

Black Twitter certainly did not agree with the singer’s sentiments to forgive and move on.

What Secret Baby?

As the “Rhythm Nation” artist trucked through her controversial first marriage to James DeBarge in the 80’s, she was able to dispel the rumors that she and DeBarge had a secret baby that her older sister Rebbie Jackson was raising.

“They were saying that I was raising her daughter,” Rebbie said in interview. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Jackson revealed rumors of pregnancy at that time began to swirl after gaining weight as a cast member of the show Fame while on birth control pills.

Tyler Perry Played A Pivotal Role In Her Life Following “Nipple-Gate”

It’s no secret that Tyler Perry has helped launch and revive the careers of many Black entertainers and Jackson was one of them. Two years after the events of “Nipplegate”, Perry began casting for Why Did I Get Married? and immediately had Jackson in mind for her role as Dr. Patricia Agnew.

“I didn’t care what anybody was saying about the Super Bowl, none of that stuff mattered, Perry said in the documentary. “I thought, wow here’s a moment where we can do this movie and try to change some minds if we can.” The movie would go on to become a box office success and spawn a sequel for Jackson to reprise her role.

Sibling Love

For years, Jackson has been known for many things but her most famous credential will always be as the youngest of the Jackson clan, more notably Michael Jackson’s little sister. The singer shared in “JANET” that, growing up, she, Randy, and Michael were the closest.

“We were the three musketeers,” Jackson recounted fondly, reminiscing on a childhood of laughter and games when the children weren’t performing. Randy is also Jackson’s manager.

The Legacy Of Joe Jackson

A common theme in Janet’s documentary is the seeming realization that Jackson family Patriach, Joe Jackson was not quite the monster he was portrayed as for decades.

The documentary finds the remaining Jackson siblings speaking out on their late father’s behalf as details of his alleged abuse were brought up. The Jackson clan refute claims that their father—who demanded his children refer to him as just Joseph—was a monster.

Jackson described her father as “tough” and “strict”, but states that she owes her career success all to him.

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