Jesse Jackson Among Protestors Arrested During March On The Capitol

Same fight, different day!

Jesse Jackson was arrested during a protest outside of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday (June 23).

CNN reports that the civil rights activists attended a D.C. demonstration organized by the Poor People’s Campaign early in the week.

The Moral March On Manchin and McConnell was the rally held by the Poor People’s Campaign as a call to action against the Republican-backed filibuster that prevented the Senate’s debate on a voting rights bill.

“We come not as an insurrection group, but as a resurrection group,” said Jackson to a crowd of protestors.  “Today we must fill up the jails.”

Jackson then led the group to the Hart Senate Building where they demanded the abolition of the filibuster.


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Just as the demonstration began to take flight, Capitol officers informed the group that they were engaging in “illegal demonstration activities.” Jackson and 21 other activists, including social justice activist Rev. William Barber II, was taken into custody for alleged crowding or obstructing.

Prior to the 2020 election, Democrats introduced the For The People Act, a law designed to expand early voting and change laws in order to reduce money’s influence in politics. The act would also set up automatic voter registration and other provisions. And while it was passed by the House back in March, it has yet to make its way through the Senate thanks to legislation blocked by a Republican filibuster.

On Tuesday (June 22), the vote to discuss the For The People Act ended with a 50-5- split between both parties. The tally was short of the 60 votes necessary to begin a debate.

Although a filibuster is in place, Democrats continue to push for voting reform and have now placed their support behind the John Lewis Voting Act. A move that would protect citizens from both racial discrimination and voter suppression.

“When you start rolling back voter registration, rolling back early voting, undermining mail-in balloting, putting limits on people even being able to get water, doing racist gerrymandering, class-based gerrymandering, you hurt Black people, you hurt White people, you hurt Asians, Natives, Latinos, young people and the disabled,” said Barber in an interview with CNN.

Another election cycle will be here before we know it, are you with the Democrats as they the fight for voters’ rights?


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