“Let’s Just Kick It, Love” Keke Palmer Is Single Until Married And Here’s Why…

Keke Palmer is not with the titles!

The actress and singer took to her Instagram this past weekend to share her sentiments when it comes to the “girlfriend and boyfriend” title.


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“Dudes be like ‘I want you to be my girlfriend,'” said Palmer. “But are you going to marry me? Are we ready to take it somewhere out of kid world? Because I’m not trying to get locked into nothing unless you’re gonna lock me in for life. ‘Cause we can just be friends and kick it ’till you ready to go.”

She just wants to kick it until marriage.

“I don’t believe in girlfriend and boyfriend,”  wrote Palmer in the IG caption. “I’m single till I’m married. Let’s just kick it, love.”

The “Hustlers” star continued the conversation on Tuesday (April 20) with some advice for the singles.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but being single doesn’t mean you’re sleeping with every1,” wrote Palmer. “It means you’re not committing yourself to any1 for less than what you want. The person that wants you all to themselves will rise to the occasion of having that PRIZE. #MayTheBESTWin.”

In her caption, she further explains her stance on titles.

“I feel like you can get to know someone really well by just being their friend lol,” she continued “There is no expectations and you can really know a person without them putting on a fake face. I used to think having a gf or bf title meant for everything, but all it would do is make me feel restricted and force performative actions based off of the title. I would end up feeling like, it would’ve been better if you had just stayed ‘my lil friend’ haha.”


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“I can be my own boyfriend/girlfriend, pooh,” she wrote. ” What else u got? A life partner requires true friendship (according to my mom who’s been married for 32 years), if you can offer me true friendship, then hey… we could be getting somewhere. #ThisIsHowISeeIt#WhatWorksForYou.”

What are your thoughts on Keke Palmer’s stance, do titles really matter?

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