Rising Black Designers Receive A Seat At The Table Thanks To THIS Move By British Racecar Driver Lewis Hamilton

Talk about manifesting a seat at the table!

As one of fashion’s most celebrated nights of the year, Lewis Hamilton made sure to celebrate Black designers with ” a seat at the table” during the Met Gala.

“The Met is the biggest fashion event of the year, and for this theme, I wanted to create something that was meaningful and would spark a conversation,”  said Hamilton in an interview with Vogue “. “So that when people see us all together, it will put these Black designers at the top of people’s minds.”

Held annually during New York Fashion Week, the Met Gala brings out some of the biggest stars all strutting unique designs to align with a theme. This year’s theme “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” honed in on American independence and style. 

Hamilton opted out of bringing a date to invite up-and-coming fashion designers Jason Rembret, Theophilio, and Kenneth Nicholson. Not only are these gents immersed in fashion, but they’re dripped in melanin.

Reportedly, tickets to attend the gala run upwards to $30,000 and tables can cost over $275,000. Usually, fashion houses and major designers make the purchase for the tables and invite the celebrities who, in exchange, wear their attire on the red carpet. However, many rising designers and stars find it challenging to attend and get the exposure needed to propel their careers.

“I’ve brought four incredible, young, Black talented designers,” continued Hamilton in an interview with Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour. “So, we’ve got a great host of people tonight and it’s about just highlighting beauty and excellence and talent.”


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“We’re living in a time where diversity and inclusion is so important, and that’s why I started this organization [The Hamilton Commission] within my own sport,” he added. “I realized it’s very similar in the fashion industry. A lot of young brands and designers don’t have the same opportunities, so that’s what really set me off.”


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