Luenell Is Definitely the “Original Bad Girl of Comedy,” But This Revelation May Shock You!

They call Luenell the “Original Bad Girl of Comedy” for a reason!

“I got the name Original Bad Girl of Comedy many, many years ago in Oakland by a comedy promoter named Rick Sullivan,” said Luenell during an interview with The Jasmine Brand. “I got that because I was a bad girl, you know I had a very bad reputation. I talked s***, I smacked a b**** in the club, I threw drinks– you know that ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta s*** was nothing new to me. I was doing that — I was not an average girl.”


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And there’s definitely not anything average about the 61-year-old comedian! She shares how she made little to nothing while working sets with fellow comedian DL Hughley, all while maintaining a full-time gig at a bank.

“When I started, we didn’t expect to get anything more than $50, maybe a drink and if they [were] cooking some chicken you might look out and get something to eat too,” said Luenell. “But there was never no $40, $50, $60, $70,000 paydays, we couldn’t even see that, never even thought of it.”


Money was slow, so she came up with a plan to line her pockets.

“I knew that the bank that I was working at was about to fail and being the hustler that I thought I was, I said well I’m gonna get some of this money before this bank goes to hell,” continued Luenell. “So I robbed the bank — embezzlement if you want to call it that. I got away with this for over 10 years then I finally got popped by the feds and I went to jail. I did four months and 18 days on a year bid at Twin Towers.”

Her story definitely deserves a tell-all, but the “Coming 2 America” star says she’s on the fence about “telling it all”

“A biography is possibly in the works. We’re at the beginning stages of that,” she said. “I have half of me that wants to do it and half [of] me knows I can’t do it….because I, too, want to name names. I, too want to not protect the oppressors. I do want to tell it but I have family…and I don’t want to bust up my family.”

Let’s just say if Luenell decides to write that book, we’ll be the first ones to snatch it off the shelves!

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