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Feeling FRESH before stepping out to take on the world adds energy and confidence to a man’s day.

We exist to contribute to his daily rejuvenation through quality grooming products, inspired by Nature.

Our focus is facial hair and skin, composed of natural ingredients that heal, soften and smell great.

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2 reviews for Nature Boy Grooming Products

  1. Jared

    I’ve been using the beard oil and beard balm for a few weeks now and they are hands down the best of each product I’ve ever tried. The oil has a pleasant smell that isn’t too overpowering and doesn’t “sour” over time. It comes with an eyedropper as an applicator and frankly I’ll never go back to any other way of getting the oil to my roots. The beard balm also has a pleasant smell reminiscent of limes, and my beard maintains its shape without becoming too rigid during a full day of work and even into the next day. Using these two products together is the best thing to happen to my beard in a long time.

    I also started using the black soap. The first thing I noticed about the soap was that it wasn’t black. Any “black” soap you buy that is actually black isn’t natural, as 100% organic black soap is a spotted brown color. I’ve heard about the benefits of black soap before but as a man I never wanted to invest too much into my grooming. I never had bad skin and break out rarely, so buying “exotic” cleansers didn’t seem like it was worth the time and money. This soap blew all of that away.

    There is a clear difference between adequately healthy skin and completely thriving skin, and that difference is a glow that women definitely notice. This one product cleans my face, body, hair, and beard to perfection, without drying any of it out. It doesn’t create a smell, allowing me to get the most out of any cologne or scent oil I want to apply afterwards.

    Do yourself a favor and try these all natural products for yourself and see how much it improves your appearance and confidence.

  2. Chris

    The first thing I noticed was how light it was. Most beard oils and balms have the tendency to be heavy, and this one isn’t. It smells pretty good too. I didn’t need to use a lot to achieve a soft beard. Looking forward to getting more.

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