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We are a District of dreamers, doers, change makers, and future history makers.

Birthed from the same spirit of those who awake with a passion to move forward, reject the sidelines, and do what they've dreamed, DISTRICT of CLOTHING was created to encourage positive messaging, local pride, and a “can-do” mentality. We triumphantly embrace the creative, entrepreneurial, and community dreamer/doer spirit blossoming throughout our communities and we intend to spread the message across as many districts as possible.

It’s no secret our dynamic is evolving—our nation is inclusively expanding to embrace the growing and powerful community full of change makers and inventive souls—and we are well-aligned to provide inspiration and apparel for the evolution. Our items are designed for comfort, style and for anyone who goes to bed looking forward to the dawning of a new day.

Dreamers keep dreaming. Doers keep doing. Change makers and future history makers know that we need you. Let's go. Let's make something happen.


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1 review for District of Clothing

  1. Melissa

    The message behind the company and on the shirt is so dope. Are you are a dreamer or a doer or are you both? Every time I wear this shirt, I’m inspired and clearly inspiring others because it’s a conversation starter and has caught the eye of many. Do yourself a favor and let your clothing be a part of a movement.

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