Married Hillsong Pastor Steps Down After “Accidentally” Sending a Risque Photo of Himself to A Church Volunteer

Mistake or nah?

A Hillsong Church leader, located in Montclair, New Jersey, has resigned after he allegedly texted a volunteer a suspect photo. He says the whole thing was a mistake.

Darnell Barrett is a married father of two and the church’s former creative director who is now the second pastor to be involved in a Hillsong controversy this year.

Former pastor Carl Lentz was fired this past October after news broke he had been unfaithful in his marriage.

“Hey! I think I might’ve added you to my close friends list by accident,” said Barrett in a DM to the 30-year old woman volunteer in February.


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The message followed a picture of the 32-year-old pastor in front of a mirror wearing nothing but white Nike Pro tights that hugged tight in the genital area.

On that same day, Barrett posted two selfies to his “close friends” story on Instagram. In one of the photos, he opened up about his battle with anxiety and depression and notes that his workouts help cope with grief.

“Seriously, sorry about that. I guess,” he continued.

Initially, the woman said that she understood and worked to move past the awkward situation, but then she had second thoughts.

“Darnell, I’m not going to lie, I blocked your [number] for a second but I’ve decided I need to say something to you,” wrote the woman in messages that were shared with The Daily Mail.

“First off, I’m insulted that you wouldn’t understand what you’re doing but I’m not f**king stupid. For you to go out of your way to make it seem like you ‘accidentally’ added me to your close friends… and then, went out of your way to message me about it KNOWING that would make me go look is bulls**t,” continued the woman. “Obviously, what you wanted me to see were the shirtless photos and the outline of your d**k, let’s not play and act like that wasn’t the point. Your messages to bait me into seeing your ‘raw s**t’ are obvious. I know what you’re doing, do not insult me. I see you very clearly.”

On the other hand, Barrett stands on the fact that the photos were sent by mistake.

“I was not at all trying to lure her,” he claimed. “I get that she, within the context of what’s happening with Hillsong, that she would draw those conclusions.”

Apparently, he barely knows the woman, and none of what she says was his intention.

Do you think this was an honest mistake or did he send the photo on purpose?

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