“Give Me Grace,” Michelle Williams Is Tired Of Ya’ll Bringing Up The Infamous Fall

Ya’ll better leave Michelle Williams alone!

During her latest appearance on “Larry Reid Live,” The Destiny’s Child singer reiterated how tired she is of talking about her infamous mid-performance fall on BET’s “106&Park.”

While promoting her new book, “Checking In: How Getting Real About Depression Saved My Life — And Can Save Yours,” the topic came up when Reid asked if the iconic girl group would ever reunite.  She teased that the members of Destiny’s Child still have more work to do and their bond is stronger than ever.

“The fun we have,” said Williams. “Oh my gosh, we have a blast. I would have to say it’s because it’s not that I’m so attached to the thought of Destiny’s Child; I haven’t heard the holy spirit say let it go.”

For Williams, the relationship with her Destiny Child’s sisters is divine.

“I’ve heard Him tell me before to let stuff go and I held on to it and heartache ensued. You know, but in this case, I believe that relationship is divine and there’s purpose in our relationship,” she continued. “I believe until that God calls all of us home that we not going nowhere.”

The interview took a major turn when Reid referenced her onstage tumble during the “106&Park” performance in 2005.

“You tried it! Haven’t I stayed on my feet,” joked the 42-year-old. “You gonna make me curse! First of all, I need people to stop saying ‘she’s so clumsy.’ I fell one time. You ninjas have to stop! that’s like causing PTSD; that’s probably why I ain’t ‘gon do no music. Ya’ll gon hear me talk.”

On a more serious note, Williams disclosed that it took her “a good 12 or 13 years” before even watching the video of the fall and described the outcome as “bad.” She also asked for grace. Despite all she’s done, everyone tends to focus on the fall and that’s not fair.

“Give me grace and it’s 16 years old,” she shared. Williams listed all the other famous folks who’ve fallen,  her Destiny’s Child bandmates – Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland, Usher and even Madonna.

Williams cleared up what led to the fall.

“My heel got caught,” she revealed. “I think I was wearing cargo pants or something and you know the little loopity loop, and baby I put one foot in front of the other. The other foot didn’t retreat back.”

Despite it going viral and the fact that she’s been tagged in it “every week,” the songstress has only seen the clip once and is ready to block anyone who brings it to her attention.

If ya’ll want a Destiny’s Child reunion or new music from Michelle Williams, ya’ll better let this go!

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