Nike Continues to Celebrate the Rich History of HBCUs in Its 2022 Yardrunners Collection

As Nike continues its mission toward purpose-driven product, they are gearing up for a collection that is sure to be a hit on the yard ahead of homecoming season.

The leading athletic and footwear company has announced the continuation of its Nike Yardrunners program, which is solely here to celebrate the HBCU community. “The first iteration of Yardrunners recognized HBCU business owners and entrepreneurs at the forefront of shaping culture,” said the company in an official press release shared with aspireTV. “This was followed by a focus on the duality of the HBCU student-athlete, who is often under-represented but over-achieves on and off the field. The next evolution of Nike Yardrunners is focused on HBCU alumni who are forging a legacy that will inspire future generation.”

The Yardrunners 3.0 collection includes apparel and accessories from 19 HBCUs, including newcomers like Prairie View University, Hampton University, and Grambling State University.

“As part of these efforts, Nike Yardrunners was created in 2020 to celebrate the rich heritage, history, and contributions of HBCUs and their alumni on global sport and culture,” said the company in an official press release shared with aspireTV. “Founded by Nike HBCU alumni, each year the initiative serves as an opportunity for teams at Nike to partner with HBCU trailblazers and community creatives to create inspirational storytelling and philanthropy with and for the community.”


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One exciting, new addition to Nike’s Yardrunners collection features HBCU-licensed footwear that has been co-created with the community. The sneakers are inspired by the iconic Nike Dunk silhouettes and will highlight the following institutions: Tennessee State University, Clark Atlanta University, Florida A&M University and North Carolina A&T University.

“To authentically bring these collections to life, Nike worked with four black HBCU and Yardrunners women on the designs, incorporating elements from their experiences at each school,” continued the brand in the news release.

While the collection will be available for purchase on the SNKRS app, a NBDHD Nike store near each of the universities will provide students with exclusive access to the footwear on Oct. 7. A wider marketplace will be available during the week of each of the school’s homecoming.

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