Nivea Calls Out Atlanta Trainer, Admits To Dealing With “Someone’s So-Called Man”

Nivea may have found herself in the ‘danger zone’ when it comes to this Atlanta personal trainer!

This past Sunday (July 15), the songstress took to Instagram to air out an affair she’s been carrying on with a taken man and father of two.

The 39-year-old singer found herself making headlines this week with popular Atlanta trainer and Instagram influencer Darrell Patterson. Hold the squats because this had nothing to do with a workout routine. She boldly exposed herself as a “side chick” amid cheating allegations with a celebrity trainer.

Despite her appearance on BET’s “The Encore” or her heartbreaking testimony on Kandi’s “On that Note,” the “Don’t Mess With My Man” singer has remained quite “unproblematic” until now. 

Nivea shared on her IG story that she and Patterson were not only intimate but that she was fully aware that he had a girlfriend. Based on the receipts she posted, the affair may have been ongoing since February of this year. Patterson took to his IG story downplaying his involvement with her and agreed that she indeed “…tried to mess with other women’s men!” Quite ironic given Nivea’s hit song “Don’t Mess with My Man” details a disclaimer for any female attempting to “take” her man. She admitted,

“Yep I messed [around with] someone else’s so-called ‘man’ and he pimped thee [explicative] outta me! Time to be exposed @iamtherealdp and @thesocialmisfit leeeesss GOOOOOO [explicative]!”

Patterson responded to Nivea’s post and completely denying any wrongdoing claiming, 

“…So yes you tried to mess with other women’s men! Thanks for being honest! But please don’t act like you didn’t know I had a gf and wasn’t leaving her, that’s some delusional thinking…”

Not to be outdone by Patterson’s version, Nivea came out with guns blazing providing proof that exchange took place between the two,

Patterson is currently in a relationship with another health and fitness influencer named Naturee. The couple shares two children, a son, and a daughter.

After Nivea pulled all the receipts, Patterson responded by archiving his pics and making his profile temporarily private. Since then, his page has reopened to the public but not without limitations in the comment section. 

After a change of heart and the support of her family, the “Laundromat” took to her IG story and concluded,

“Man…aight Imma stop. Done cried oooooooo/sooooo many times in front of my children aaaaaand even to my ex-husband over this…”

She then concluded on her IG story, “I just got caught up in the ‘play’.”

Nivea’s ex-husband is mega-producer and songwriter, The Dream, who wrote major hits like Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” The couple was married from 2004 until 2008. 

Should Nivea have taken this to the grave?




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