Plot Twist! A Chilling Video of A Man Protecting His Family From An Intruder Goes Viral After THIS Moment!

Protect the family at all costs!


In a recent viral video, Quentin Brown is seen firing back at an armed intruder who attempted to follow Brown, his partner, and daughter into their home.


Brown fires off several shots in the clip as the intruder attempts to attack his family.



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“I told yall demons attack when ur melanin is activated and i told yall if i posted what that info something was going to happen smh if anybody have info on who he is or was or who he f**k with hit me up,” said Brown in his Instagram caption. “I promise i got u. And for whoever sent them f**kboys u better remember how i get dwn no hesitation over here and i keep it on me. Gotta be quicker than that.”


He also thanked everyone for the love in a second post, since the clip has gone viral across social media.



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“Just wanted to say thanks for all the love and respect but please understand I’m just a vessel for the most high i didn’t do this for attention i did this because the most high gave me a choice and i never tell him no…”

Shoutout to Brown for keeping his family safe during a situation that could’ve totally gone left.


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