“Pray For That Brother,” Charlamagne Tha God Responds to Video of LaKeith Stanfield Waving A Gun At Him

The feud between LaKeith Stanfield and Charlamagne Tha God continues.

The beef between the two entertainers resurfaced when Charlamagne said he played his role in “Judas & The Black Messiah” “too well.”


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LaKeith Stanfield portrays William O’Neal, the man who worked alongside the FBA to infiltrate the Black Panther organization.

The “Atlanta” actor first responded to Charlamagne by calling him a “h*e.”

He also shared an alarming video where he waved a gun at “The Breakfast Club” host’s head. Charlamagne has since responded during a recent episode of “The Breakfast Club.”

“Don’t dish it if you can’t take it, king,” said Charlamagne. “The brother has a bad habit of throwing rocks and hiding his hands…”


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“Call it what it is,” said Charlamagne. “He’s waving a gun at a picture of me. But once again, it is yet another example of LaKeith being able to dish it and can’t take it? He made comments about ‘The Breakfast Club’ and other black outlets being anti-black, being negative, reinforcing negative stereotypes about black people.”

“I pointed out all the times he’s gone on these white people’s platforms and reinforced the stereotypes of black people himself,” shared Charlamagne

LaKeith has taunted him in the past. In 2019, he created a diss track with a video to match.

“He gets online and he plays the victim,” said Charlamagne. “He makes it seem like I’m always coming at him.”

Angela Yee, co-host of “The Breakfast Club,” points out that LaKeith had to undergo therapy following his role in the film.

“That is true….but stop posting and deleting. Stop acting like you’re the victim. If you’re gonna say what you want, deal with the repercussions, that’s all… I’m terrified of LaKeith,” revealed Charlamagne. “He’s too tough for me. You’re on TikTok waving a gun at me, I don’t want no problems.” Charlamagne responded.”

He then asked for everyone to pray for LaKeith instead of laughing with him.

“All jokes aside, pray for that brother LaKeith. I want that brother to get the healing he deserves,” Charlamagne continued.” He’s clearly crying out for help and he’s been crying out for help for a long time. It’s all fun and games, laughs, and reposts until that brother hurts himself. So don’t laugh with him, pray for him.”

Do you think LaKeith Stanfield took it too far?


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