“Puffy Is Really Trying To Help,” Fellow Bad Boy Rapper Mark Curry Responds to Fans Speculations About Black Rob’s Condition

The world has been wondering what’s going on with Black Rob!

After the former Bad Boy artist gave fans an update on his health status from a hospital bed, fans began to question his current condition.

“I don’t know what the pain is… pain is pain,” said Black Rob. “It’s making me realize I got a lot to go on man.”

He also shared sentiments on hearing the news that DMX had passed.

“I feel everything about X man…X, one love man…Positive. Big love to the X man. It’s all good.”

Although he’s since been released from the hospital, fans are still concerned after his latest comments.

“Oh man, I’ve been dealing with this for five years,” said Black Rob. “Four strokes… I don’t know what to tell you man. S*** is crazy. This s*** is hard. I don’t got no house to live in — except maybe an apartment. Me and my man be trying to get together. I’m telling you man, this s*** is strange.”

He went on to share more about his recent struggles.

“It’s hard, you know what I’m saying? I don’t know what the people want to do, what the people going to say,” he continued. “I need some rest, man. Really, man. I need some rest. My side is killing me. Oh s***. I don’t want to talk about it no more.”

Fans have also questioned why hip-hop mogul and the originator of the Bad Boys Record Label, hasn’t stepped in to help his former artist.

However, fellow Bad Boy rapper Mark Curry says that Diddy has in fact been in contact with Black Rob and is trying to help.

“We don’t have to wait until we can’t do anything to try to do what we can,” shared Mark Curry. “We don’t have to continue to live on this earth grown and mad at each other.”

He also added,

“Rob is here and a lot of people want to know how he’s doing but these the same people — they don’t reach out to me. Reach out to me. I’m not — I don’t hate you. I don’t dislike you. Puffy we need your help. And you are reaching out [and] you’re trying to help. We not [gone] say he’s not. Puffy is really trying to help.”

So far, Black Rob hasn’t confirmed that he’s recently been in contact with Diddy.

A GoFundMe was created for the rapper on April 10th and so far the community has raised over $25,000.

Black Rob has also shared a series of messages to thank his fans for their support.


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Our prayers continue to be with Black Rob as he continues to work toward his recovery.


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