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Chef G. Garvin’s Penne Rigate Blackened Shrimp

Yields1 Serving

Learn how to whip up this quick and healthy dish, Penne Rigate Blackened Shrimp, from G. Garvin Live, Episode 105!

 1 lb Penne Pasta
 1016 Shrimp (Peeled and Deveined)
 1 pt Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes
 2 oz Blackening Spice
 2 tbsp Unsalted Butter
 1 cup Cooked Crispy Bacon (rough cut)
 1 cup Fresh Arugula
 1 cup Spicy Tomato Sauce
 ½ cup White Wine
 4 Cloves Smashed Garlic
 ¼ Shallots
 ¼ cup Heavy Cream
 Olive oil To Cook With
 Kosher Salt and Pepper To Taste

Start by cooking your pasta in a large heavy-bottom saucepan add water and bring to a boil add a pinch of salt, add the pasta and cook for 7 to 9 minutes - strain and cool.


Place the shrimp in a small bowl and season with spices and place to the side.


In a medium sauté pan add 1 oz oil then the garlic and shrimp, sauté until translucent.


Then add the white wine and deglaze, simmer for three minutes then add the heavy cream, pasta and sauce and cook for three to five minutes.


Be sure all the ingredients are combined, then add the arugula and bacon and serve.