Remembering An Aspire Gem: Toy Holmes

After a tough battle with stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer and COVID-19, singer, songwriter, and award-winning voice actor, Toy Holmes has passed away.


Although we at aspire have never had the pleasure of meeting her in person, Toy Holmes, affectionally known as TOY!!!, was a beautiful spirit with a powerful voice who positively affected those who had the opportunity to work with her. For several years, TOY!!! has been the ‘voice’ behind aspire’s promotional content like “Unboxed with Nikki Chu”, “Keasha’s Perfect Dress”, “Side by Side”, Brand Spots, Women’s History Month and Mother’s Day campaigns, and most recently, our newest original series “Just Angela.”


“I could recognize that the strength in her voice was dwindling in our last voiceover session. Not only was she fighting breast cancer and COVID-19, but she was fighting to maintain her livelihood. I thought wow, Toy is undergoing the biggest battle in her life right now and she’s still choosing to show up for work, she’s still choosing to live. At that moment, I knew how strong and resilient she truly was.”-Brittany Kennedy, Writer/Producer


Our deepest condolences go out to her loved ones and colleagues. TOY!!! was a joyous soul who will truly be missed.


To learn more about Toy’s fight with cancer and hear some of her voiceover work, click the links below:


  1. As a surgeon and a scientist, I see firsthand the impact of this deadly disease when gone undetected, under-treated and or ignored. Ladies…after you get your mammogram, if you get a call back, Go back! Early DETECTION and treatment leads to better PROTECTION!

  2. My God My God! What a talent she was and inspiring voice actors all over! Our heartfelt condolences from The Launch Network on Roku and Tokovlradio!
    Renee` “RaeJ” Johnson and our Network Family!

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