Robin Givens Wants No Parts Of Ex-Husband Mike Tyson’s Upcoming Biopic

Mike Tyson is the talk of the town as he prepares for the release of his upcoming biopic.


Recently, actor/singer Jamie Foxx confirmed that the anticipated film is on the way which sparked excitement across social media, but not everyone is on board.


Robin Givens, Tyson’s ex-wife speaks out about the biopic and says she wants no parts of it. When asked if she hopes she’s portrayed better than how she was actually treated, following their divorce, she said,



“How can I say no to that? Of course, yes. I think we live in a world right now if you tell lies loud enough and often enough, they can stick…In many respects, what happened to me gave me a voice. But not only for myself but for other women that were in my position. I really ask people to think on their own.”


Givens previously shared that Tyson was abusive at the time of their relationship both before and after they were married in February 1988. After she suffered a miscarriage that same May, she filed for divorce and told Barbara Walters that life with the boxer was “pure hell” and “torture.”


When their divorce was finalized in 1989, Tyson labeled Givens as a gold digger and claimed the actress stole millions of dollars from him. She denies she was awarded any money, despite reports she received a $10 million settlement.


“First of all, I was a young woman at the time,” said Givens, “ I was 22 years old. By the time I met my ex-husband…I had graduated from high school at 15. I went to college at 19. I was a Harvard grad. I had my own tv show. I had my own home by the time I met…I don’t think a lot of 22-year-olds can say that…it’s amazing that when people do tell lies, it kinds of takes away your truth.”


Givens would rather be left out of the film altogether. In a second interview with Andy Cohen, she says, “I think for somebody to take history and repurpose it or just kind of write what they want is so deeply upsetting to me…if you say it loud enough, people believe it.”


Do you think the film will tell the truth about the marriage between Givens and Tyson?


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